Keep Holding Your Breath For That New Teedra Moses Album


News is spreading today that TVT Records is preparing to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week. This means that artists such as Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins and Pitbull will soon be without a label home. Pity. However, despite me caring less than less about those particular acts, there is one artist on the roster who I hate to think is now left out in the cold with her next album put on ice: Teedra Moses.

Fans of the Miss Moses have been patiently waiting for the oft-delayed follow up to her ridiculously good 2004 debut, Complex Simplicity. Despite getting barely any support from TVT nor spins on urban radio, Complex Simplicity managed to become an underground sensation and solidified Teedra as a singer-songwriter to be reckoned with. Her sophomore set, entitled The Young Lioness, has been in limbo since 2006 with the release date pushed back too many times to count. In the interim, Teedra has released a few mixtapes with old and new material and gone on tour, but we're still hungry for more. Sadly, with this news of TVT's funny money situation, our appetites for a new Teedra Moses album won't be satisfied any time soon.

While we wait to hear Teedra's fate, bump to this track that was supposed to be on The Young Lioness.

Teedra Moses: "Love's Gonna Be"

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4 Responses

  1. Damnnnn, damnnnn, damnnnn!
    Let me go link this from my Teedra review. I'm sure she'll post a blog about it too at some point.

  2. I really hope another label picks her up, she's such a great artist, I hope more people get a chance to hear more from her.

  3. Man that sucks.
    Did an interview a year ago and the album was suppose to drop a month from then.
    This sh!t happens to Teedra, and yet i have to be subjected to that d@mn Alicia Keys album.
    Come on, man.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I'm so mad and so f'ing tired of this. Maybe if they put her album out last year, they wouldn't have to declare bankruptcy now!!! And I completely agree with Todd Kelly about that Alicia Keys album. I mean its alright but it's not like bumping Teedra. When will the world realize. People don't even know what they're missing.


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