KRS-One: ‘Criminal Minded 2008’

krs-one-3435.jpgI'm still salty with KRS-One over this, so pardon if this post is a little restrained. "The Teacher" has linked up with DJ Premier for a reiteration of BDP classic "Criminal Minded" for the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series. KRS has never backed down from asserting himself over a track (or in an interview for that matter), so a line like "I'm a gang star and a guru / I train like choo-choo / Ya'll rappers
rap crap bullsh*t, doo-doo / Who knew? I don't compare to you / Look at
my nose I even take in more air than you"
is brand standard. Primo does the self-referential thing by using samples from 1995's "MC's Act Like They Don't Know" for the chorus. Overall, it's a pretty good look. It's Primo and The Teacher. I can't really hate. [H/T: 2DB]

KRS-One: "Criminal Minded 2008"

At least he's still committed to stopping the violence. Peep the clip after the bounce.

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  1. KRS-ONE will ALWAYS be TRUE to the ESSENCE of what HIP HOP REALLY is. I am from the old school 1979 thru 1990. The eighties was the golden yaers of hip hop and KRS-ONE was right in the mix of it all!! And he can still tear up a track today. His longevity speaks for itself Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.....!


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