Live-Blogging the 39th NAACP Image Awards

image-award.jpgWelcome one and all to the 39th NAACP Image Awards live-blog. It's been a while since our last live-blog so sit back and enjoy. And here's to my cable not going out this time around.

8:00    Who is this little boy standing in the dark on stage. Oh, it's Kirk Franklin.

8:00   Kirk that's your cue. You can start talking now. Um, we're still waiting.

8:02   Here comes the gospel choir. "This Is It" indeed.

8:04   Host D.L. Hughley is on stage. Will he be funny tonight or not? Hmmm...

8:06   Ha! D.L. makes sure to call Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul. The last thing he wants is for Re Re to smother him.

8:07   D.L.'s monologue is kinda funny. I won't hate. But the night is still young.

8:09   Anthony Anderson and Kimberly Elise are presenting the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

OH LAWD! Too bad nobody could hear the names of the nominees. They are
having technical difficulties out of the gate. For shame! Maybe they
shouldn't have done this live after all.

8:10   Denzel Whitaker wins!

8:12   Ugly Betty and the black guy from C.S.I. NY America Ferrera and Hill Harper are presenting the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

8:13    Janet Jackson beats out Ruby Dee! Did she recycle her hair from Why Did I Get Married? You've come a long way from getting your ass beat by Chip Fields on Good Times, huh Penny?

8:18   Jurnee Smollet and Denzel Whitaker are presenting the award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.

8:19   America Betty wins!

8:21   The Asian dude from Heroes and the Black chick from Cloverfield are presenting the award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

8:22   Lavan Davis from Tyler Perry's House of Payne wins! Wow. That was unexpected. I didn't think anyone even watched that show except for me. Oops, I've said too much.

8:28   Tyler Perry is presenting the Vanguard Award to Aretha Franklin

8:29   Oh, Tyler, you're zestier than a bag of lemons.

8:31   The Sounds of Blackness and Jordin Sparks are going to sing the tribute. This should be interesting.

8:31   Where is Ann Nesby when you need her? She woulda put a hurting on "Young, Gifted and Black."

8:32   Jordin Sparks is singing "Respect"? I vote no! She has about as much soul as tofu.

8:34   Aretha looks so unimpressed. That makes two of us, Re Re.

8:35   Aretha and the girls are accepting her award. I wonder if she's recycling dresses again.

Oh snap! Re Re is calling out how raggedy the first couple Image Awards
were in her acceptance speech. Um, the more things change...

8:43   The cast of House of Payne minus the fineness that is Allen Payne
(aka my future baby daddy) is presenting the Outstanding Actress in a
Drama Series award. Someone can't read the teleprompter properly. I
aint gonna name no names, Cassi Davis.

8:46   Regina Taylor wins!

8:46   Tichina Arnold and Tracy Morgan are presenting the award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

Ha! Tichina says, "Very good, Tracy" after he reads the teleprompter
without making a mistake. I guess he's not drunk yet.

8:48   Tichina and Tracy are mad ghetto with all that hooting and hollering. They are so colored.

8:48   Hill Harper wins and brings his mama on stage and gives her his award. Awwwwwwwwww.

8:54   Master P and Lil Romeo are presenting the award for Outstanding Comedy. Can either of these jokers read?

8:54   Lil Romeo's curls are to die for. I might ask my hairdresser to hook my coif up like this next time.

8:54   More technical difficulties. Or is it human error this time? Something tells me both.

8:55   House of Payne wins!

8:57   India.Arie and Adam Beach from Law & Order: SUV SVU are presenting the award for Outstanding Drama.

AW SHUCKS! Did India just say that she boycotted the Grammy Awards but
made it a point to come to the Image Awards? Mmkay.

8:58   Grey's Anatomy wins!

9:00    This second hour better be good if I'm gonna miss Lost. That's all I'm saying.

9:04   Did D.L. just say that Kirk Franklin kicked ass during his performance? Everyone may want to stay clear of this brotha if when God strikes him down.

9:05   Julian Bond, Sanaa Lathan and Audra MacDonald are presenting the Chairman's Award to Ruby Dee.

9:05   So Sanaa dressed up like Lina tonight, huh?

9:09   Angelique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley are singing for Ruby. Alright now, get your world music on, Image Awards.

9:09   Ms. Dee looks a little lost. Does she even know who these two are? LOL

9:12   Well all right now, Angelique was getting it in her tribal dance break down for a hot second.

9:13   Ruby Dee is so cute.

9:14   Ruby's words tripped over themselves but she pulled it together. If it were anyone else, they'd get clowned. Moving on...

9:15   Oh boy, she's still talking and just took out her acceptance speech no less.

9:16   Is that Denzel Washington rocking a baldie? Gasp. Swoon. Rinse. Repeat.

9:22   Holly Robinson Peete and Tom Joyner are presenting the award for Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture.

9:23   The writers of Talk To Me win!

9:25   Kevin Frazier from ET or Access Hollywood
or one of those shows chats with the accountant who tallied the results
or something or the other. OK, that was a useless waste of TV time.

9:26   Regina Taylor and Richard T. Jones are presenting the award for Outstanding Documentary

9:26   Darfur Now wins!

9:28   How long until the music awards portion of the show? Good grief.

9:32   Kate Walsh and Half-Pint Taye Diggs are presenting the Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

9:33   Jurnee Smollet wins!

9:34   Angela Bassett and Rick Fox are presenting the award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture.

9:35   Denzel wins! Hot damn that's got to be the finest 75-year-old walking.

The folks in the cheap seats are cutting up and screaming for Denzel.
Where'd they get these seat fillers from? The swap meet? Who am I
kidding? I'd be screaming, too.

9:42   Vanessa Williams and Herbie Hancock are presenting the award for Outstanding Motion Picture.

9:42   The Great Debaters wins! 

9:45   Wayne Brady is inducting Stevie Wonder into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame. OK, this better be good.

9:46   Lawdhamercy he's going out into the audience to have people sing Stevie songs.

9:47   Judge Mathis channeled his inner Stevie for "Livin' For the City." Dude was sangin' hard, too. I didn't say he was singing good, however.

9:48   The entire audience is singing "My Cherie Amour." How beautiful is this?

9:49    Janet Jackson is presenting the award to Stevie. Since when are they cousins? Did she mean play cousins?

9:50    Here comes Mr. Wonder to give his long-winded speech. Y'all know how Stevie does.

9:54   Yes, Stevie is still talking.

You mean to tell me that Stevie Wonder is performing during his own
tribute? I'm not mad, but damn. Can the man bask in the glory of his
award for three seconds?

9:56   Take 6 is singing "Love's In Need Of Love Today." I love these dudes, but I'd much rather hear Stevie blow on this joint.

9:58   Kim Burrell
joins Stevie on stage. I'm not familiar with the song that they're
singing. A little oversinging on Kim's part, but Stevie sounds
fantastic as always.

9:59   LAWD! D.L. Hughley and Julian Bond
started wrapping up the show in the middle of Stevie's performance.
They just had to end janky, didn't they? The more things change...

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27 Responses

  1. I didn't realize Jordin Sparks was that wack.

  2. I love how they played a Beyonce commercial after ReRe accepted her award.

  3. Re-re told them folks she was going home!

  4. Work it Janet! Go 'head girl. LMAO at Penny getting her ass beat, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I seriously hope you're about to address how hood and LOUD Tachina Arnold is, hollering like she at the damn Greekfest.

  6. Tracey Morgan is a fool shouting our baby mamas and citing stats LMAO LMAO LMAO
    I heart Hil Harper.

  7. I'm bout to raise hell over House of Payne beating Girlfriends and everything else. And Romeo and Master P? SMDH. I'm writing a very terse letter at the end of this.

  8. Okay I am SO mad India put the Grammys on blast, LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  9. All I can do is shake my head Master P and Romeo...Like father like son...yeesh..Doesn't he go to college? He didn't take Speech or English?

  10. I wish the writers was still on strike cuz obviously Tyler Perry wrote this shit.

  11. Ruby Dee lookin' at this singer like "I don't have any change, miss.

  12. What is up with Sanaa's grill? She looks mad....

  13. I think Ruby Dee had a few too many caramel macchiatos before she got there. Or she was doing bumps in the bathroom with Tracey Morgan.

  14. Oh my! Y'all are cutting up in here! LOL

  15. Okay am I the only one who didn't know that Janet and Stevie are cousins? And Jurnee Smollett is gorgeous!!!!!

  16. No I didnt know either...Stevie Wonder for VP!
    How about they psched the mess out of us..I thought Janet was gonna sing...But Stevie is better!

  17. WOW. That was a janky ending.

  18. Very bad ending...Best of the night? Re-Re..she will talk about u right in your face!

  19. Word of the night: JANKY!
    Did BET produce this?

  20. I'm glad I totally forgot this was coming on.
    I'm straight thanks to this blog entry doe!

  21. Im mad nova was in my ims sayin how Kim burrell was lookin like a bedazzled Heineken can...LMAO.... ooooh i was mad at dat!

  22. DL didn't act like a fool as usual - though he told some recycled jokes. He must have been put on blast because he was on his best behavior.

  23. I didn't think the show was too bad...and certainly NOT as bad as it coulda' been! But I was concerned with Miss Ruby Dee's speech. Why did she seem so animated and disoriented. I think she even spoke with an accent in the beginning, didn't she? Her "diva" behavior was so over the top it, at one point I was reminded of Whitley from The Cosby Show spinoff. But then, just when it was getting real weird, Ruby Dee seemed to over-correct her Diva act by "gettin' real" via some out of body transformation! I'm not trying to be funny or disrespectful, because Ms Dee is deserving of all honors bestowed upon her, and then some! But seriously, somebody really needs to check her meds and/or do an alzheimer's check before putting her on the podium again. As one of her longtime admirers I'm just saying that if she was not embarrased, I was embarrased FOR her...and I mean that from my heart!

  24. As for Denzel...Almost didn't recognize him with the bald head he was sportin'! Naw, whom I foolin'? We will ALWAYS recognize Denzel Washington's handsome face, whether he's wearing a silly mascot costume or a purple mohawk, am I right ladies?
    But Denzel is more than just a pretty face; he is respected, worldwide, for his dedication toward improving the Black community, being a strong leader, his immpecable work ethics, and being a devoted family man.
    That said, and I know I will sound like just another female-fan hater, I am now going to say what many others are too afraid to say...
    Denzel is sooooo fine, both in physical appearance and personal character, almost ANY women would find it difficult to withstand being scrutinized and critiqued by the public's harsh eye, right? So tell me WHY oh WHY did Denzel's wife wear that Jeri Curl-gone-wild hairdo?
    And did y'all see her attempt to kill any chance of sophistication by wearing that roadside-worker-orange dress? Was it supposed to be worn as a strapless gown? If so, why did throw on a spaghetti-strapped black tank top under it? And what did the white straps go to? Were those her bra straps showing???
    Com'n Mrs D! Even though it's not fair, certainly by now you know ya' gotta "dress to impress" when a man like Denzel has you on his arm!
    It's like she just said "F* it! I can't compete, so why should I even try?" Luckily, she's got a great husband, and obviously, he's got a great wife, and stupid things like pubic opinion and media meanies don't shake them one bit. But damn, girlfriend...

  25. And here's another topic everyone avoids talking about: What is going on with Aretha Franklin's ever-increasing weight gain???
    Surely the best singer the world has ever known and definately one of my favorites, believe me when I say I ain't hatin' on Aretha...
    While I have always applauded Aretha Franklin's fortitude (and willingness) to sit in her rightful place alongside "the beautiful people" at all these fancy events, I cannot over look my concern for her life!!!
    Like many sisters over 40, I also weigh waaaay more than I'd like to, and much more than I did back in my prime, some 20+ years ago! I DO understand how difficult it is to change years of bad habits and unhealthy life-choices, and I'll even concede that these days I more closely resemble a mud hut than a "Brick House," the nickname they used to call me on the dance floor!
    But even if Aretha didn't have the most powerful and beautiful voice we have ever heard...even if she wasn't famous, known to us only as "just the fat lady who lives nextdoor..." wouldn't most caring people be concerned about her self-esteem, her quality of life and emotional well being?!
    Why is talking about her weight a subject that is "off limits," or seemingly cruel? The entertainment media talk about everything else, so why not this?
    While most people Aretha's size hide in obscurity, there are a few brave souls who, if even just as a simple act of defiance against societal prejudice, chose to be in the public eye, demanding that we see and acknowledge them, eye to eye!
    And upon those rare occasions whenever we do actually see a 700-lb man waiting at the busstop, we quickly try to make ourselves more comfortable by averting our eyes, and quickly teach our children a lesson about how it's impolite to stare!
    But for most of us, the only dose of realism we experience in interacting with the morbidly obese is our supporting role of TV voyerism.
    We have no problem watching some poor, never-seen-before, huge person get "saved" by their family's intervention, and/or some health guru on a TV talkshow.
    We've got no problem setting our TIVOs to record and replay scenes of 'some fat guy' [sic] suffering from the indignity of being put on public display, as we watch it over and over again.
    With our children sitting on the couch right beside us, they learn by our example as we admire the guy with the 'ripped' abs on the Gladiators show, and laugh at the "tore-up" lady with the big butt, crooked teeth and flat nose featured on the "Extreme Makeover" program.
    Somewhere along the way, we lost our sense of what is considered "normal." We have forgotten which personal character traits are most valuable, and why it is our responsibility to develop and build the determination needed to achieve most of our personal improvements and accomplishments on our own!
    We must remember that most personal improvements are not made as easily as seen on Reality TV shows, and real life rarely offers an "immediate fix" like the slick makeovers seen on "Celebrity Losers." Therefore I would never suggest that Aretha ever be subjected to such exploitation and public voyerism. But someone has to make a public appeal, so I guess it will be me...
    To Aretha's Entourage:
    I can't but help wonder if there isn't someone close enough to Aretha who will devote their efforts toward finding a way to stop her from slowly killing herself, one more pound at a time?!
    Isn't there anyone concerned enough to give her the "tough-love truth" we all need at times like this? Or is she just surrounded by a bunch of weak "yes men," much like the advisors rumored to be employed by Michael Jackson and Britney Spears? Who is willing to take MAJOR action in making a positive change in Aretha's lifestyle habits?
    What about her personal stylist? Don't you have some responsibility in helping Aretha look her best? Or are you ok with spending all your time hooking her up with the best "big girl" fashion designers available, all of whom, by now, have obviously run out of dress design ideas?!
    Doesn't Aretha realize that even her favorite dress designer is now resorting to just creating atom bomb, mushroom cloud-like puffs of fabric to resemble capped-sleeves to cover her shoulders?
    Hasn't she been told that even "the best of the best" designers are now struggling to find new and creative ways to make her look "at least presentable," forced to create a dress that will fit by merely fan-folding and scrunching several yards of beautiful fabric around her enormous body!?
    Yes, I know that the "I'll betcha' can't believe I'm wearing an entire set of kingsize bed sheets and matching window drapes" look has remained popular with various Eastern religious orders, like the Tibetian monks, The Taliban and Ghandi's always-hunger-striking, emaciated ass, for example. (I read he lost so much weight he eventually only needed 3 inches of fabric to cover his whole body, head to toe).
    But Aretha's fabric-wrapped appearance just doesn't seem to exude the "stage presence" a beautiful diva with her God-given talent should ever have to settle for! Enough is enough, Re-Re!!! You are the best we've got, and we don't want to lose you...

  26. Great recap; I felt like I was there, and it was wrapped in 5 minutes.
    Btw, "Lost" sucked--you didn't miss a thing! 🙂

  27. No you did not mention Penny/Good Times LOL.


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