Morning Soul: Come On Kiss The Gun

3 Responses

  1. These blogs hating on Janet kill me. Negroes want to see her fail and that baffles me. But, that's us for you. Not surprised.

  2. I now shall stan for EBadu.
    I guess I don't hate on Penny. I just don't care. Is that just as bad?

  3. Not caring is fine ... there's a lot of stuff I don't care about. But devoting entire blogs to somebody you supposedly hate or think is gonna flop is just stupid as hell, in my opinion. I'm not surprised when I see hate on mainstream (read: white) blogs, but the black ones are just out of control with it. But I'm a Janet stan so I'm biased I guess. It's whatever. I'm gonna buy her album and I'm sure I'll enjoy it like I have the other nine. (EBadu's on my radar too, I saw her on 106 yesterday.)


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