Morning Soul: Look At The Sky, It’s The Color Of Love

  • Go New York Giants! Maxwell and Eric Roberson's favorite football team won the Super Bowl. [MSNBC]
  • Alicia Keys has been added to the already crowded list of Grammy Award performers. [M&C]
  • How many Christina Aguilera runs can you fit into four minutes? I quickly lost count. [FF]
  • The Roots, Soulive, and Anthony Hamilton are a few acts who will be covering Civil Rights era freedom songs in a new documentary. [PF]
  • Big Daddy Kane is one of the producers of The Vapors and he'll get some time in front of the camera, too, in an upcoming romantic comedy. [AHH]

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2 Responses

  1. That Christina video made me very tired and sleepy. Seriously...
    I wonder if she's doing serious damage with all of those (unnecessary) runs.

  2. Yea I thought of Erro. Need to leave a note on his blog. Or I'll wait for the Giants adoration post because I know there will be one!
    Did someone say Big Daddy Kane. Mmm mmm mmm! Did someone say Love for Sale? Oh yea! I'm ALLL over that since that's the only Love for Sale a stan is gonna get!