Morning Soul: Joni Mitchell Never Lied

3 Responses

  1. I *heart* HEAVy.

  2. ROTFL @ "If Will Smith plays Barack Obama someone please promise me that Jada won't play Michelle.

  3. re: the Janet joint... go to 3:45
    as much as I love Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, I'm still disappointed by this 10 years later. but hey, everyone does it, right? every successful producer has a story about apprenticing to someone else when they were on the come up and not getting credit for their work.
    that was straight Dilla though. JJ & TL are so consistent with their sound, they never would have switched production styles so starkly. I'm sure they're responsible for those terrible scratching sounds though, neither Ali Shaheed nor Dilla would do corniness like that.


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