Oh Really, Maxwell?

Last night I was up doing something close to nothing and dipped onto MySpace for a few minutes that turned into an hour. Right before I logged off, lo and behold what did I see but a new status message from our man Maxwell. Dig, if you will:

Well, what do we have here? Seems as if Maxy is a little sad that he has no tasty new music to share with us this Valentine's Day. And how does he think we feel? Especially since, if my memory serves me correctly (and it does), his first single from Black Summer's Night was supposed to drop ONE YEAR AGO TODAY. It goes without saying that being a Maxwell fan has truly become an exercise in patience. We want need new music from this man, but we have no choice than to continue to wait. And wait. And wait. 
Maxwell, if you read this (and I know you will *wink*), turn that frown upside down and have a Happy Valentine's Day, too. Yes, our wait has been long, but your fans will be here to devour your box of musical chocolates whenever it's ready. Now get in the studio and cook us up something good.

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8 Responses

  1. Tune into my Cupid's Hunt podcast tomorrow...he's on it...
    doing something close to nothing
    DJ Diva Loves anything Prince related LMAO!!!!

  2. Oooh! I will be tuning in, DJ Diva. Thanks for the heads up.
    Good eye on the Prince reference, but U missed the second 1: "Dig if you will." 😉

  3. do you think its that he doesnt have the music done or it is sitting on a shelf awaiting changes (him's to her's)...supposedly this wait is about content. am i all lost in the sauce and missed an update?

  4. This post should have been set off with the classic jont.

  5. Him and his cryptic messages.

  6. Lawd, Stylus! That O RLY bird scares the crap outta me.
    @ me: From what I understand he has some music completed but Columbia is holding it up for God knows what reason. I mean, damn, can we get a frickin' single?

  7. @Butta you eye skipped right over that...But I'll be watching more closely young lady!!! LOL
    A lot of podcasters are releasing versions of the "Cupid's Hunt"...most of us are black and man have we been looking forward to it! EJ Flavors released his today! LOL
    Thanks for the love!

  8. YES! I will ALWAYS be here to devour his box of musical chocolates...anytime, anyplace:)


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