SOUL-POLL: Choose Algebra’s Next Single


If you got Behind the Groove with Algebra, then you heard that she wants the public to choose her next single. This is pretty out-of-the-ordinary for a debut artist, but Algebra isn't afraid to change the game. The two cuts up for debate are"Run and Hide" and "Halfway," which were both produced by the Boy Genius himself, Kwame. (Can we go ahead and call him the Man Genius now?) Listen to both tracks, then cast your vote in the poll and leave behind a comment.
The winning song will be released as Algebra's next single and (hopefully) have a video filmed. Power to the people!

Algebra: "Run and Hide"

Algebra: "Halfway"

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8 Responses

  1. Run and Hide is insane! Algebra + Kwame = Instant Vintage.

  2. I love Algebra! I already pre-ordered her album and hopefully it'll be coming in the mail soon. I love both tracks, but I think I would choose Halfway as the second single choice.

  3. HALFWAY! I love the old-school vibe. I am officially an Algebra and Chrissette Michele stan...they are the hottest in the music game right now. I'll be at Best Buy ASAP tomorrow.

  4. I am too mad... I went to bestbuy this morning to get the album and they didnt have it... No bestbuys in NYC have it!

  5. I saw Algebra live last night at Sugar Hill in ATL for her listening party. That girl is so incredible! I'll post some pics later but....
    I'm gonna go with Run and was just off the meter live.

  6. "Run And Hide" is definitely the choice for 1st single."Halfway" is good but too middle of the road to break out of rotation....Kwame is doin his thing.
    HS of Art & Design alum all day..e'yday!!!!

  7. Algebra is hot. If you haven't seen her perform live you have to! Full of energy and so talented


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