When Boyz II Men Made ‘Sara Smile’ On The Dance Floor


Believe it or not, this year Boyz II Men will celebrate twenty years of being together as a group. Originally formed as a quintet in '88, then finding runaway success as a quartet with their 1990 debut, Cooleyhighharmony, and now hanging tough as a trio, Boyz II Men has been one of the most consistent R&B acts in the game. They may not be moving the same amount of units as they did back in the day, but the talent is still there. Last year Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris released an album of Motown covers, but prior to that they dropped Throwback in 2004, which featured them remaking hit R&B songs from the '70s and '80s. 

One of the remakes that the fellas wrapped their voices around was the Hall & Oates classic "Sara Smile." Although they put their trademark harmonies on the song, their version didn't stray too far from the original. But it was a remix by British producer Jonathan Dunn working under the name Soularis that really made this track their own. The soulful house groove coupled with Boyz II Men's vocals were a perfect match. Wouldn't you agree?

Boyz II Men: "Sara Smile" (Soularis Mix)

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  1. Has it been 20 years
    That version of Sara Smile is hot...I wonder how being Hebrew Israelites (Wanya and Sean)affects them as a group....

  2. DJ Diva, funny you should mention Wanya and Shawn's religion because I just found out that they were Jewish over the holidays when they were doing press for the Motown project. I was very surprised to hear that (and so were a few interviewers when they asked them how they were spending Christmas and they quickly got corrected). From what I could tell, they haven't seemed to miss a beat. Although they were singing "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and not "Uhh Ahh." Guess those days are over.

  3. That's hot, but speaking of straying from the original, you need to check out After 7's version! It may not be a house mix, but Kevon rips up the second verse like only he can! Dang I miss them 🙁

  4. I would have to vote negative on this. That is one of my all time favorite songs (as evidenced by it's inclusion on my Top 50 List). It's a song I don't think should stray too far.
    Like LoverHater, I also really like After 7's version. I don't think it strays too too far from the original and maybe that's why I like it.
    I miss them too.

  5. Ahhhh, I love my Boyz and I'm no purist most of the time, but I might have liked a lil different instrumentation on this one. I absolutely LOVE their latest project of Motown cover tunes, but they have had some misses (that Japanese only release from 2006 was really really bad).
    And, ummm, could y'all have found a photo that makes Shawn look any more queenish? LOL

  6. My Jewdar must be broken.

  7. No Nova...Hebrew Israelites are on some OTHER type of Jew. They believe in Jesus but don't celebrate Easter or Christmas...but they celebrate Passover, Purin Hannukah etc. They also believe in Polygamy and follow this dude who calls himself "The Comforter". I know because I used to be down with them years ago...But I made it out of that cult. I could send yall pics of them performing at Passover with the full hebrew get-up LOL

  8. I really like this version. Maybe because I miss good house music.
    Does anyone know where I can find a version of this to download? ITunes has got nothing.

  9. I'd be interested to know where you picked this up from as it was (as far as I know) never released.
    I was asked to do the remix but the company I was doing it for went bust.

  10. Hi Jonathan, thanks for checking SoulBounce. I'll respond to your query privately.


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