Who’d You Rather ‘Come Over’ To See? Aaliyah or Faith?


Today's Battle of the Beats features two of our most beloved subjects here at SoulBounce: Aaliyah and Faith Evans and their identically named tracks, "Come Over."

Aaliyah's comes from 2002's posthumous I Care 4 U CD, while Faith's version comes from her eponymous 1995 debut.

Personally, with invitations from these women, I can't see a wrong choice being made. However, in honor of the battle, take a listen to both and tell us which one beckons the best.

Aaliyah: "Come Over" feat. Tank

Faith Evans: "Come Over"

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16 Responses

  1. Faith takes this one for me ...

  2. Yeah...Ima have to go with Faith too...although I'm not to crazy about either track LOL

  3. Aaliyah for me. RIP baby girl.

  4. faith's because its so luxurious like old school R&B. i'm feeling Faith's for real. nice and mellow.

  5. Man... Faith just brought back some mid-90's memories... ahhh the player days. Good stuff...

  6. So unfair... But I have to go with Faith.

  7. Based on the song alone, I would vote for Faith - HOWEVER, since I am always getting off a plane and wanting to 'come over' Aaliyah's version strikes home with me.
    My vote: Aaliyah!

  8. Faye all day.

  9. definately Aaliyah, sounds better.

  10. I've gotta go with Faith on this one. I remember she performed this on BET and she rocked it.
    And honestly, as far as Aaliyah's "Come Over," I much prefer Changing Faces version of that same song. I think they added something to it that her version lacked.

  11. Hmmm... This is a tuffy, but since I've been backed into a corner I'm going with Faaliyath!

  12. I'm not a huge fan of Faith's version either but between the two it's not even a contest - Faith

  13. "Baby let me SHOW YA there's no greater love"
    FAITH got this one hands down!
    "Won't you come over! Won't you come OVER!" Damn, that's my joint!!!

  14. What a great post! My immediate reaction is to say Faith. Besides, the 'FAITH' album was FIYAH! Though, Aaliyah's hot too - but I want Faith to “Come Over.” Ha-ha.

  15. This one is rough. I gotta go with Faye though because I would play this over and over in my dorm room hoping "someone" would hear it. LOL! Lawd, the memories. Man, the whole album is another one of those classics for me.


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