Alicia Keys And Leona Lewis Are Cosmo Girls


Alicia Keys
and Leona Lewis have more in common than having big voices and being biracial. This month the soul-pop singers are both gracing the covers of various international editions of Cosmopolitan magazine. Alicia strikes a pose on the German and South African covers, while Leona gets seductive on the UK edition. Interviews with the singers are sandwiched in between the requisite Cosmo sex tips, sex advice and sex stories.
I just love the pretty sherbert-colored covers. Fabulosity!

[H/T: UH and AKO]

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2 Responses

  1. They look nice.Leona has a nice voice, but her album is a no-no to me.Love Alicia, but actually quite bored with her.

  2. Leaona and Alicia are so Beautiful on the inside and out. They are talented beyond belief! My biracial daughter loves them both and aspires to be like them. They are positive role models in todays society as compared to other publically exposed celebs. Give them some credit =)


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