Alicia Keys Gets ‘Fresh’ With MTV

Alicia Keys has become quite the thespian lately. She's been seen on the big screen as an assassin in Smokin' Aces, playing the bestie in The Nanny Diaries, and is currently filming The Secret Life of Bees alongside Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson. But in case you can't wait until 2009 to catch her at your local multiplex, she'll soon be coming to a television screen near you thanks to Dove and MTV. 

Alicia will be seen weekly on MTV during episodes of the (insert air quotes here) reality show The Hills, kicking off its new season on March 24th, in the micro-series Fresh Takes. The series is sponsored by Dove to highlight their go fresh line of products, and Alicia will play Alex, a 20-something who juggles the pressures of her career, dating, city living, friends, family and beauty. Sounds cheesy, but her fans will enjoy weekly doses of the diva during the commercial breaks. For all those looking to escape the Alicia Keys juggernaut, good luck.
Resistance is futile.

Check the commercial for Fresh Takes out here:

And if luck is your lady tonight, then be sure to enter Dove and MTV's sweepstakes for a walk-on role on Fresh Takes. The contest runs until March 20th. 

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  1. One of the other bloggers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Alicia Keys and Dove and I'm kinda confused. A soap company hired a R&B singer to star in a drama on MTV that will take place during commercial breaks? WTF? But what do I know, that other writer said it was a good idea so maybe he's right. Being a 27 year old black man, I don't think I'm the crowd they are aiming for anyway, lol.


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