‘Are You’ Ready For HEAVy?


The NYC duo HEAVy is in a rather benevolent mood. Casey Benjamin and Nicky Guiland are offering up a new song and remix for free. Both versions of the song "Are You" are currently available for dload from HEAVy's MySpace page and also on zShare. I'm feeling both tracks, but I'm partial to the sound of the remix and I prefer the rap from the original. Either way, both of these gems will fit nicely into rotation this Spring.

And good news for any heads attending SXSW in Austin, Texas this week. HEAVy will be performing tonight at the kickoff event for SXSW Soul. Nicky and Casey will be getting busy one time at Molotov on the same bill as Choklate, Jennifer Johns, and additional performers.

HEAVy feat. Sikchyld: "Are You"

HEAVy feat. Kay: "Are You" Remix

[Photo: Nat Norwood]

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4 Responses

  1. wow they definitely sat directly behind me on the plane back from GA yesterday to houston and I couldn't place the group to save my life. I'm not one to stan in the airport but I gets busy with progressive hiphop. i go to school out in austin but alas it's SB and I'm still resting my nerves in the H!

  2. This track isnt working for me, but I wish them luck anyhow!

  3. they's my favorites

  4. Kay is sounding good on the the remix.


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