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is an artist whose name you may not know, but it's very likely that you've heard his work at some point before. The Caribbean-born artist has graced stages with Alicia Keys, as well as appearing on Platinum Pied Pipers remake of "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover." Now that he has launched his own record label and new album, Rogiérs will be making more of an impact on the ears of those who know what good soul music is. His debut album, Life & Music: All Of It, features SoulBounce fave Bilal Oliver and is hopefully the beginning of Rogiérs' name on everyone's lips. His current single, "Whatever I Gotta Do," sounds reminiscent of Carl Thomas,  but make sure to check out his album which features a more diverse sound.  Also be sure to check out Rogiérs on ProjectVibe radio today at 4PM EST to get a dose of more soulful tracks from the new album. 

Rogiérs: "Whatever I Gotta Do"


Rogiérs [Official] [MySpace]

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4 Responses

  1. I been feeling dude for a minute now! I'll be listening @4...damn stay with the hookup LOL THANKS!!!!!

  2. Man! I missed the PV feature. I'm feeling this one though. He goes on the list.
    The HBIC of the Bilal Stan Association is getting QUITE weary of all these "featuring Bilal" joints. He drives me insane.
    Scratch that! Just discovered the mixtape. I think it's new. Yeahhhhh baby!!!

  3. Go Rogiers! Hot stuff, hot stuff-

  4. I'm listening to Honey's interview/listening party on Soul to Soul. I am FEELING his album. Dude is nice. Definitely bounce-worthy. But I wouldn't have listened if I hadn't heard it here first 😉


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