Busta Rhymes & Teddy Riley: ‘Lights, Camera, Action’


Totally on the fence about this one. First off, Busta's Big Bang was a lot better than it gets credit for; it was just plagued by a poor choice of singles. So, I typically ride with Busta when it comes to his music. Then there's everything else about him that causes my side-eye to jitter like a crackhead at a white sale. Also, if you've been reading this site for any length of time, you already know how we feel about Teddy Riley and the era of music he's responsible for. The two of them together must certainly be magic, right? Man, if this had happened 10 years ago, I'd be right there with it, but it seems like they're sitting on reputation rather than bringing anything fresh and interesting. No big deal, it might be from a mixtape according to Eskay. I just needed an excuse to type "Teddy Riley" today.

Did I forget to mention I wanted to like this? Also, is this really new? Feels a tad dated.

Busta Rhymes: "Lights, Camera, Action" ft. Teddy Riley

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2 Responses

  1. Teddy Riley needs money, badly. I read he's broke and is in danger of losing that Va Beach studio where those hits were made.
    He'll probably be jumping on any single he can get right now.

  2. I'm just glad Teddy is producing again. He is truly one of the best to EVER do it. I just read that he, Snoop and Dj Quik have started a production company.


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