Chuck Phillips’ Trusted Sources Played an Early April Fool’s Joke

Tupac.jpgFor anyone that thought the side-eye I launched at Chuck Philips was a little less than warranted, fall back! The gods over at The Smoking Gun have revealed that Phillips' damning LA Times article (that claimed Diddy and Jimmy Henchman knew Tupac would be shot in 1994) was based on forged FBI documents riddled with bad spelling, among other things. Phillips worked on his masterpiece for six months and was steadfast in his defense of the sources. The Times is now launching an internal investigation into the validity of the article, as if that will help undo the flights of fancy that appeared in their pages last week. Also, Henchmen is ready to sue, and could possibly, hilariously, win. Please check out the report over at TSG. It's truly a beautiful thing to behold. [TSG / LAT]

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  1. As the scribe who wasted time writing a post on the bs that Chuck Phillips tried to pass off as news when it first dropped, I am pretty hopping mad.