The Wait is Over for Darien Brockington Fans


The last time we heard anything about Darien Brockington's new album was back in September. Being the side-eyeist that I am, I took a wait-and-see approach. Mainly, I'm tired of posting "hope" on this website and prefer tangible items.

In days recent, two new D-Brock tracks have surfaced. I want to assume that if you're a regular reader of SoulBounce, you already know who he is. But for the uninitiated he's the Justice League affiliate that's appeared on a number of Little Brother tracks, as well as Nicolay's Here, The Strange Fruit Project's The Healing and 4Hero's Play With the Changes. He also had a solo track on The Foreign Exchange's Connected. His first official release was Somebody to Love, a straight-up R&B album that recalled the post-New Jack sound of Carl Thomas and Faith Evans, who are among his favorite artists and influences.I know these things because I'm a stan and have been tracking dude's output for a minute. All caught up now? Good. Get into these new songs.

Darien Brockington: "Girl It's You"

Darien Brockington: "It's Over"

Darien Brockington [Myspace]

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting these. I am a true D-Brock fan. We share that Faith affinity and he is a really cool dude!

  2. I'm feeling that track "He Will Break Your Heart"...

  3. Side-eyeist. *snicker*
    You should have put NSFW next to "Girl It's You." *fans self* He can do no wrong in my book. I love both these tracks.
    Somebody To Love was a solid album. Can't think of one track I didn't like.
    Loved him on tour with LB. Sexiest hype man alive indeed. Can't wait for the album.


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