Dru Hill Finds Its Member. Let’s Call Him ‘TayTay’

dru-hill.jpgLast night Dru Hill held a search for a new fourth member to replace recently called-upon-by-God Woody Rock. Although we suspected there would be an American Idol-like format to the audition (complete with Sisqo clapping his palms and declaring "You look great and you tapped into your upper register"), we had no idea they would decide upon a new vocalist in the same night. According to the Baltimore City Paper, the new fourth member of Dru Hill is "Tayo", who brought the house down with "Lately" (presumably the Stevie cut performed by Jodeci which, incidentally, makes it perfect for a Dru Hill audition) and some impressive vocal acrobatics during "Tell Me." The kicker? Sisqo already knows dude. I suppose congratulations are still in order? [BCP via Idolator]


5 Responses

  1. I never understand why some groups hold contests and tape TV shows when they just place people that they already know and had plans to put in the group anyway (remember the reality show for the 3rd TLC member?) *sigh*

  2. I thought they brought in that dude Scola(?) to replace Woody the first time.. What happened to him and why don't they just bring him back? I guess the first question would answer the second..lls

  3. I should've made it more clear in the article, but Baltimore is a pretty small town and seemingly a lot of people who auditioned that night knew Dru Hill already in some way or another (I believe one of them was actually Woody's cousin). The fact that the winner was one of them shouldn't really reflect on the validity of the audition, especially since the guy was a big crowd favorite and the winner was basically selected based on applause.

  4. No prob, Al. I been reading too much Idolator, Snark abounds, lol.

  5. Awww, now I'll never get the chance to be the first famous "Tayo" *pouts in corner*....