India.Arie Starts Label With Anthony David As First Artist


How excited are we at this news that India.Arie has secured a label deal with Universal Republic Records for her own imprint? VERY EXCITED! SoulBird Records is India's foray into label land and according to Arie, it will feature "music with intelligence and heart, music that moves people
in their souls and their bodies." With that kind of manifesto, prepare to see and hear a lot about SoulBird on SoulBounce.

The first artist on the label is her friend and frequent collaborator, Anthony David, whose album Acey Deucey will drop on June 17. The album will be an amalgamation of tracks from his two existing albums, 2004's Three Chords and the Truth and 2006's Red Clay Chronicles. The lead single "Words," a duet from India and Anthony, hits radio in April.

I first heard that Anthony had signed with a major label back in February, and I gave the idea an ever-so-slight side-eye because he's been doing it lovely on the independent scene for a few years now. But hearing that he's down with his homegirl India puts my soul at ease that this project will be handled properly. There's no word yet on what songs from Anthony's current releases will appear on Acey Deucey, but hopefully one of my favorite jams of his, "Smoke One," will make the cut.

Anthony David: "Smoke One"

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6 Responses

  1. I will definitely cop it. But quite frankly... I'm more interested in when India's new album will be coming out.

  2. good for her!

  3. Anthony David is soooooo slept on.

  4. Excellent! I'm glad to hear it.

  5. much luck and we all need to show luv to real muzic ....

  6. I agree that Anthony David is the most slept on artist since Dwele!!!
    Anthony has an extremely souful voice that touches you deep down in your soul. The powers that be in the record industry usually don't have the capacity to recognize whats good! The Grammys etc. are usually given to the least talent but most favorited but it don't matter when you have an ear for real music. Anthony David and India Arie are 2 prime examples of RAW talent so forget what the tone deaf think!