Q-Tip: ‘Midnight ’08’


It's with a heavy heart that I report that, unlike KRS-One's "Criminal Minded '08" and Common's "The Light '08", Q-Tip's entry into the Smirnoff Signature Mix series doesn't even begin to hold it's own against the original from which it was borne. There's no bigger stan of Q-Tip editing this site than me and the song is dope as far as Q-Tip songs go. However, Cool & Dre's synth-heavy instrumentation nearly drowns out the vocals. The ATCQ original is included here as a bonus for evaluation purposes. Hear how clear Tip sounds and how minimal the beat is without sacrificing it's nod-factor. I'd call this one a downgrade. After the bounce, check out footage of the artists performing the remakes, courtesy of RTNY. [Photo: MTV/Getty]

Q-Tip: "Midnight '08"

A Tribe Called Quest: "Midnight"

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3 Responses

  1. I actually like this song... And that's saying a lot for me not being a Q-Tip fan unless we are talking cotton swabs.

  2. The original is better. There are some songs that should never be re-done. Midnight Marauders is a classic and none of the songs on this LP should be remixed. I'm not hatin' on Cool & Dre but I have to say thumbs down to Midnight 08'.


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