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If you just cannot contain yourself awaiting the release of "The Greatest Hip Hop American Dream Story", then check out Wayne Barrow's Fox Searchlight production blog for Notorious. I already have side-eyes for this, mainly because, although I'm a huge Biggie fan, he's not iconic or interesting enough to warrant a bio-movie. Perhaps in another ten years, maybe? The Marvin Gaye film makes more sense than this; the deification of rap artists is too swift and misguided, unless you're talking about someone that was actually involved in starting Hip Hop. But I digress.

What we've learned so far from reading Mr. Barrow's blog:

  • Shooting starts in a day or two.

That's it, there's only like three entries from Sunday. In all fairness, he does offer some insight into who he is and why Jamal Woolard was cast in the lead role, but these things have already been gleaned from other sites and blogs. What the people really want to know is:

  • Why was there an open call for actors when Woolard already had it in the bag?
  • Will anyone in the movie be portraying themselves?
  • Why now, instead of allowing more time to pass just in case the murder is solved (which it won't be but humor us)? Or, just allowing things to cool down long enough for Diddy to stop "discovering" "lost" Biggie tracks he can remix and re-cut like we're stupid? I'd like to actually miss Biggie for like 5 minutes.
  • How will they, within the first 10 establishing minutes of the film, convince me that it's not a comedy?
  • Will the movie have a remix? 

[Notorious Producer's Blog]

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2 Responses

  1. Damn, they arent offering an RSS feed of his blog posts alone?....thats bad form.
    I guess I'll have to get my updates from SoulBounce.

  2. Damn I didn't know the Marvin Gaye film was still coming out, if you want to see how he lived his last days go to google video and type in Remember Marvin Gaye.Good stuff
    As for the Biggie story.I would need to see some trailers.I feel like this is gonna be like another Sky's The Limit.It just feels...weird.


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