‘Pretty Please’ Love Estelle and Cee-Lo


There's bad news and good news for Estelle. The bad news is that her highly anticipated U.S. debut, Shine, has hit the net in its entirety a month before its official release. The good news is that she has one banger after the other on this CD. One such song that has me pressing 'Repeat One' on my iTunes is her track with Cee-Lo, "Pretty Please (Love Me)."  Mr. Green produced the hot joint and also sings on the record with Estelle. I'm loving the '60s throwback sound that everyone is trying to replicate these days, and it really works here. Cool Jerk to this one.

Estelle feat. Cee-Lo: "Pretty Please (Love Me)"

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12 Responses

  1. This is retrofunklicious!

  2. I was hooked from the first few bars. I obviously have to take a second look at Estelle.

  3. Estelle is killing em'.

  4. Me. Like. A. Lot! You can get the CD in the UK and Europe now that's probably why it's on the net.

  5. I is really nice!! I can wake up listening to this as my alarm...

  6. Love her! I'll pass on Leona.

  7. Estelle is the business somebody really needs to recognize. I'll past on some bleeding love and get down with this Love Me (Pretty Please)!

  8. Yup, what Fave said.
    *dialing up my hook-up for the rest of the joints AND adding it to my to-purchase list*

  9. Take me back to that good time ol feel... when musiq meant something and it made you feel like you were on top of the world...

  10. I enjoyed, the music. Not under or overdone. cee-lo puts the stank on a soul track. Enjoyed what they are bringing to the table.

  11. I enjoy what cee-lo brings, however the song needs...something more. More horns, maybe. I don't know.


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