That Was Fast. Trouble-Causing LA Times Writer Defends Snoriffic Tupac Article


You know, the actual LA Times article about Diddy and Biggie and some other dudes having prior knowledge of the attack on 2Pac in 1994, kind of paled in comparison to the hype preceding it. It all got to a point where everyone thought it would be about the killing of 2Pac but it wasn't. This was the "Who Shot Ya" shot, the one that pissed 2Pac off. Not the one that killed him. Less interesting.

Anyway, Diddy and Jimmy Henchman both denied they had anything to do with, or knowledge of, the shooting before it happened. Not like they'd remember, what with it being 14 years ago and all, but still.

Diddy Combs, specifically, stated "This story is beyond ridiculous and completely false. Neither Biggie nor I had any knowledge of any attack before, during or after it happened. It is a complete lie to suggest that there was any involvement by Biggie or myself." Got that, everyone? No knowledge even after it happened. Guess what, Diddy? 2Pac was shot in 1994. The More You Know™. Henchman called the article a "libelous piece of garbage" and is consulting his lawyers because the music industry has trained him to react like Amanda Woodward.

Chuck Phillips, the fanciful, mythology-spinning journalist that crafted the piece is now responding to their responses.
Now the entire thing is slightly more interesting because Phillips says
he tried to reach both Diddy and Henchman to participate in the article
but they refused. So he "told stories" because they left him with no
further options. Also, he's defending the accuracy of what he wrote,
saying he sought out individuals with first-hand knowledge of the
events because they would open up to him, since he's real "folksy"
unlike the evil police: "I try to go and find people who are directly
involved or know people who are involved in the actual crime... I work
the same as police do except I'm not a cop so people are not afraid to
talk to me because I'm not going to arrest them." Criminals and
"witnesses" are above lying, we just learned at SBHQ.

As a display of parity, Aesop Phillips is also working on a piece
about the murder of Biggie. Has this man listened to a rap album since
1997? Who knows? But he deals directly with the "streets" so we have to
trust him. "There are some dangerous people who I work with, but their
information is safe with me," Phillips has stated. Apparently these are
all the same thugs and gangstas that scripted The Young & The Restless during the writer's strike.

Update: Reporter Responds To Diddy & Jimmy Henchman's Denials [SOHH]

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