Tortured Soul Can’t Wait To Get ‘Home To You’


This weekend I saw Tortured Soul live in concert with Fertile Ground and Amp Fiddler, and, although they weren't the headliners, it could be argued that they stole the show. During their extended set they sang their classics and a handful of new tracks that moved the crowd and had everyone singing along like we had gotten copies of the lyrics with our tickets.

The first single from their upcoming CD In Transit is "Your Dream Is My Dream," but one song in particular that had me soul clapping it up was "Home To You," which finds John-Christian Urich singing that he can't wait to get home to his lady when he's on the road. You could say that it's the antithesis to "I Might Do Something Wrong" but just as banging. The track and a bonus remix can be found on their In Transit Advance EP that I made sure to cop on my way out. This joint right here is instant vintage.

Tortured Soul: "Home To You"

Tortured Soul [Official] [MySpace]

[Photo: Peter Henket]

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5 Responses

  1. How was Amp? I wanted to go to that show in DC, but wasn't feeling the 3 hour drive at the last minute....

  2. I caught the show in the chi and while we didn't get fertile ground 🙁 both Amp Fiddler and Tortured Soul Rocked it! I danced all night!

  3. just to let ya know...the myspace link is wrong. i laughed when i clicked on it though

  4. @ Invisible Woman: Amp was very good. His set wasn't as high energy as TS but he was still jamming. He ended up coming on really late and it was already Easter Sunday by this point so a lot of people had left by that time.
    @ Tia: Thanks for the heads up! The link has been fixed. ;0)

  5. As the Godfather would say.............they got soul!


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