News to Us: Faith Evans and Damon Dash are Rappers


If the accompanying photo is any indication, Faith Evans has been declared a rapper by NBC11 in Cali. Their "Troubled Rappers With Rap Sheets" photo gallery makes no distinction between relevancy (Vanilla Ice), living or dead (Easy E) or whether or not the individuals are indeed rap artists (Suge Knight). Normally, we wouldn't give a local piece like this the time of day; it's not like it was compiled by CNN. But it came to us via Digg, which increases it's value, unfortunately. 

We're not sure exactly what they were trying to prove by putting this list together, especially once you consider there's virtually no context other than the fact that these individuals have all done something bad. And padding the list with folks like Damon Dash, Left Eye, and Irv Gotti doesn't make the list juicy or factual. It's more or less irresponsibly pointing out that it doesn't take much to be a rapper (again, Vanilla Ice) or a criminal (ahem, black).

Bad local media!


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  1. Ahem, please excuse our less than clueless tv personalities. At least you didn't catch them on tv saying 'Bling'. I swear to God if I hear one more of them botoxed-up, spray on tan having having talking heads say that damn word again I'm gonn fuggin' scream! They be out here doing the fool. For real.