When The Boy Belonged to Miss Thang

monicablonde.jpgAll week, in honor of Women's History Month, we've been flashing back to a time when music was a bit more...well, not like this. Sigh.

Monday we gave you a rough-around-the-edges Faith Evans as she dropped her first LP. Tuesday, we took a snapshot of the Lauryn we knew could climb any hill. Today, we peek in as young Monica Arnold prepared to unleash her sophomore CD, The Boy Is Mine.

In this interview, Miss Thang is hooked up with a "super fan" courtesy of MTV's FANatic. What made this video clip stand out isn't just the huge coat Monica's wearing (ok, maybe that had something to do with it), but also the unabashed, authentic love this dude has for her. His sincerity and genuine shyness while in her presence won me over immediately. Good times.

One YouTuber mentioned how she's so down to earth, you can barely tell who's the star.  I beg to differ, anonymous commenter. That coat...kinda sets Mon-Mon apart. I'm just sayin'.

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