Who Leaves You More ‘Speechless’? Beyoncé or Musiq?


Last week's Battle of the Beats was a straight-up massacre with Goapele fans coming out of the woodwork in support of their girl. My bad, Floetry. This week's showdown may be another one-sided affair, but humor me if you will in this "Speechless" match-up between these album cuts from the debuts of Beyoncé and Musiq.

In this corner we have the beautiful Beyoncé with a slow jam from her first solo effort, Dangerously In Love. Yeah, we're all a little tired of her, but you can't deny that the sista has talent and that was clearly seen on this album. In my opinion, this was one of the better songs on the CD.

And in this corner we have Musiq when he was rocking Soulchild as a last name with this song from his extremely popular debut set, Aijuswanaseing. His "Speechless" was a fine piece of hip-hop soul from an incredible album. This was one of those discs that you could put on and listen to from beginning to end every time.

I have a feeling how this is going to go, but I don't want to call it just yet. I'll leave that up to y'all. 

Beyoncé: "Speechless"

Musiq: "Speechless"

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21 Responses

  1. really dont wanna...but gotta give it to B!

  2. I was all about Bey when "Crazy In Love" dropped. But this Musiq album was the lick! And this was one of the several classics from that album.
    Musiq has it with this one.

  3. Loved the album. Love the song. Beyonce!

  4. This is one of the best songs on Beyaki's album. Love it. Also, I truly wish her follow-up was as well-rounded as Dangerously In Love. B'Day was 90% club bangers.
    Waste of talent.

  5. Beyonce, of course!

  6. I loathe the B joint and I'm more a fan of Musiq's production team than him as an this is like picking the lesser of two evils for me.
    Ummmmm...Musiq Soulchizzle it is...

  7. Uh...really. Bey of course.

  8. Beyonce! But don't tell anyone I said that...

  9. musiq always and forever !!!!!!!!!!! i believe that song is why i love that cd
    dont get me wrong beyonce is my girl but i'll take musiq over her any day

  10. I don't like Bey but I think hers is the better song. Was that a Dramatics sample I heard? I'm going to go hurl right now.....

  11. Gotta go with Musiq on this on. Aijus was that album.

  12. Def. Musiq, that one of my favorite Musiq songs!!

  13. Im a bigger Musiq fan but B's was better.

  14. This is a tough one.... two totally different songs. Musiq's joint has me noddin my head and is a classic; but Bey's joint is super sexy... I think I gotta give it to B

  15. Got to give it to Beyonce, I wish she sounded like this more often

  16. Totally agree with nOva and B. This was defintely one of my faves on what was a very good album. The other was "Be With You."
    BDay was a disaster. Hated it.
    Gotta go with B. Sorry, Short Stuff. I still got love for him. He rocked it opening for Jilly in Philly.

  17. jeez. that is a toughy. everyone's said it already, but I guess I'll repeat.
    I love Musiq style, and I'm more of a Musiq fan, but...B would get play on one of those nights. Ya'll know.
    But yeah. Any other song, the Soul Child would have it. Sorry.

  18. Depends on the time of day. If its a saturday or sunday afternoon I would play the Musiq joint but if its finna go down and I am with my lady its gonna be that B. To have your lady give you a striptease to this song is a deal closer. lol...ladies if you seen something today and you want your man to give the seal of approval ( not saying all ladies have to get permission for things but yall get the point) Turn this on dim the lights and let the groove move you. Guaranteed to get what you desire.

  19. @ Mrwhisperz: Say word?
    *adds BeYahweh's "Speechless" to Use What You Got To Get What You Want playlist.

  20. Beyonce takes it! And I didn't vote for her just because I'm a stan, she clearly outdoes the song. And the sexy 80's keyboard thing towards the end- fiyah!

  21. Word to the capital M in my name. @ Butta


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