Who Do You Wanna Love? Eric Benét Or Jill Scott?


Today's Battle of the Beats finds two staples in my record CD collection going at it with their similarly-named love songs. Both Eric Benét and Jill Scott put their post-divorce relationship issues to song on their most recent releases with different results.

Taken from Hurricane, Eric sang to his new lady about taking a chance on new love on the single "I Wanna Be Loved," and he was no doubt getting some loving in the video. However, on "Wanna Be Loved" from The Real Thing, Jilly from Philly is singing her track to no one in particular and lamenting on her needing, burning and yearning to be loved. Interestingly enough, although it hasn't been released as single by Hidden Beach, Jill's track has been picked up by a few radio stations across the country and added to the rotation.

I got to wave my lighter in the air for both of these tracks, but although I can't pick a favorite, perhaps you can.

Eric Benét: "I Wanna Be Loved"

Jill Scott: "Wanna Be Loved"

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18 Responses

  1. Dayum! This one is tough!
    I like Jill's song since it fits in with the rest of her album. However, just as a song all by itself without the rest of an album to support it, Eric Benet's joint gets my vote.
    I can't believe I just wrote that.

  2. JILL! My fave from the album. And I'm still bitter over that whole Halle Berry thing.

  3. Daggum!
    That Eric Benet song...yummy!
    But Jill is my girl...and that song is the TRUTH!!!
    I guess I'm going with Jill...

  4. "All My Life I Had A Constant Burning/A Strong Deep, desire/An Aching, Ambiguous, yearning/For Something Better/For Something Bigger/For Something Wider/For Something Higher/And Lots Of Regrets/Cause I Ain't Seem To Found It Yet/I've Been Searching Around The World/Never Knowing What To Expect/I Get Sad Sometimes/Yes, I Be Mad Sometimes/Cause I'm Out here On The Grind/Making Mine/And I Still Can't Seem To Find/What I've Been Looking For"
    My vote goes for Jilly From Philly who sings my blues...

  5. Jill, of course.

  6. Jill Scott!!

  7. Jill's version is EVERYTHING. It just speaks to me.

  8. Jill Scott. Maybe because i listened "The Real Thing" more often than Eric's album.

  9. Ladies and Gents, Miss Jilly from Philly deserves this hands down. I saw her and Raheem Devaugh in concert last week out here in Newark, New Jersey and man she still got my vibe rockin and the jitters running. She definitely is the TRUTH!!!

  10. I love Jill but just solely based on te song, Im gonna have to go with Eric.

  11. I love Jill but just solely based on the song, Im gonna have to go with Eric.

  12. i love both b/c i love anything my girl jill puts out. when i first heard eric's song i almost cried..
    im gonna go with eric....only because i think jills song should have been a little longer!

  13. I'm gonna go with Jill. I love Eric's...but there is nothing like Jill speaking for folks.

  14. As much as I like Jilly's...I'm going with Eric Benet...the emotion in his voice...the inflection...I really felt that song when it came out.

  15. Is there even a question? Besides, I can't catch my vote for a man with a dumb d*ck.

  16. Forgot to mention, Jill's live performance of this song at her Philly concert actually had me in tears. So for me, there's no question. I hope everyone gets to experience this tour. A lot of people are so-so about this album (which I can't comprehend). But there's no way you can't come away from this concert, take another listen, and fall in love.

  17. Jilly from Philly... hands down.

  18. Avatar

    Jill Scott everytime.