Slow Down, Alicia!

alicia keysAs if the warm milk-inspired vibe of As I Am wasn't enough, Alicia Keys is already pondering the course of her next project. She tells Billboard she wants to do something even more "soft" than what she's given us thus far. "When I was just finishing recording As I Am, I said to myself that I want to do something that's totally stripped-down, stripped-back, totally piano-based, singer-songwriter; [a] Joni Mitchell, Carole King type of vibe." No "Karma". No "Teenage Love Affair". No "Girlfriend". Just Keys and her trusty piano. Way cheaper than an Ambien prescription, though. [BB]


4 Responses

  1. Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing a stripped down Alicia Keys myself. It's easy to hide behind the slick production. Since she's supposed to be such a prodigious talent, let's hear it!

  2. "totally piano-based" ... "No "Karma". No "Teenage Love Affair". No "Girlfriend"."
    I'm down with her. I saw Alicia Keys here in Portugal this year, and I gotta tell you, the best part of the show was the piano-based part. I don't want to hear "Girlfriends" and "Karmas" anymore. I want her to make an album like Jose James did this year. "The Dreamer" is the way to go.
    Who disagree?

  3. I appreciate her warning me.

  4. I recently saw her live and I can't hate on her stage game. But her studio game needs work. Although it sold, her last album was lackluster. It would be cool to hear some political stuff from her on the next one. I'd like for her to step outside of the box and do something completly different. Surprise me.


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