Anthony David Adds A Southern Touch To ‘American Boy’


Atlanta soulman Anthony David has decided to add some down South flavor to Estelle's "American Boy" since she only showed love to NYC and LA fellas in the song. He recently posted this track on his MySpace blog to show how the brethren do it in the "A" complete with Southern hospitality and a sip of sweet tea. Enjoy this little taste from Mr. Acey Duecey himself, and be sure come back next week when I get Behind the Groove with Anthony.

Anthony David: "American Boy" Remix

Anthony David [Official] [MySpace]

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2 Responses

  1. Damn I thought this was Kanye for a minute:) I am still banging AD's last joint he released, when is his new shit dropping?

  2. awwww...that's hot...Estelle's gonna be here in Houston tomorrow...i wonder if she's heard it!!! ant killed that! LOL! with his ol' country self!


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