Bobby Vs. Ray J? Not Even A ‘Little’ Bit

bobby_rayj.jpgSo, apparently Ray J has a song on his recently dropped CD, All I Feel, called "Boyfriend" that calls out Bobby Brown for his inadequate love-making skills.

Wait, you didn't know that Ray-J and the rehabbing Whitney Houston had an affair the first part of last year? Or is it that you didn't care?

Well, apparently it wasn't a "big deal" to Bobby, who made a "small" mention of the tryst in his new book, Being Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But ...[bold is mine]:

"For those of you who want to know, I'm aware
of the fact that Whitney had been seeing Ray J, a very young R&B
artist who is most famous for being the little brother of Brandy, the
multi-platinum singing artist and TV star.  Their relationship doesn't bother me. She's open to see whoever she wants to see, just
like I can see who I want to see. I know the age difference between her
and the little guy is 20 years, but to each his own. The only concern I
had was how our daughter felt about the age difference. As long as
she's cool with it, it's fine by me.

Bravo to B-Squared for being the "bigger" man.  If he keeps this up, I might even buy the book.  Or, not. [PR-I]

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2 Responses

  1. I smell a reality show with both of them living together to see who can ruin B-list female stars the quickest. Both of these cats are has beens and it's a shame because pre-drugs Bobby was the man, now he's more famous for having the "bobby brown mouth" which is a nice way of saying your teeth are fucked up and look like they are fighting each other in a gang turf war:) As for Gay-Ray, nothing needs to be said he will always be Brandy's kid brother and T-Pains lover:)

  2. remember if some says you got the "bobby Brown mauf" that is not a compliment:) immediately run to your dentist and have a full makeover!!!!