Choose Erykah’s Next Single. (Soldier, Perhaps?)


Here ye, here ye, Erykah Badu fans. The analogue girl in a digital world is giving the power to the people and asking for help in picking her next single. Erykah recently posted a poll on the Okayplayer message boards requesting that the public vote between "Soldier," "Me," "Healer," or another track to be the follow-up to "Honey." Only registered OKP users can place their vote or write in their suggestions on the forum, and as of right now, "Soldier" is leaving the competition in the dust, which is quite a coinkydink seeing as there is already cover art for the song. Hmmm, I may need some drops for my side-eye.

Personally, I haven't really connected with New Amerykah, Part One yet, so I don't have an opinion on what should be the next release, but what track would you all choose?

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  • If I HAD to choose, "Me" would get my vote. Honestly, I don't think this is a singles album ... I think it has to be taken as a whole.

  • Mr. Lowe


  • I want Me to be the next single. After I saw her perform it on the VH1 Soulstage, I was like, "That's it! That should be the next joint released!

  • jennifer

    Soldier is the sensible next single..."Me" has a nice summery vibe but won't fly because of the Farrakhan reference; other than that, it would be OK.

  • anon

    I gotta ride with 'soldier' as a single but I really love 'telephone'. I guess that may not work too well as a next single tho.

  • Sharonda

    Me is my joint!

  • 0731

    'Telephone' is my favorite song off the album, but the song is probably too personal to be a video. My vote would go to 'Me'

  • rkj

    "Soldier" all the way.
    The only other possible single I hear on this cd would be radio friendly version of "The Cell".

  • does she *need* to have another single? i figure at this point, those who want the album already have it.

  • i agree with Bianca. I think this album is a wash and she should move on from it. Putting out another single will not boost the album sales. I'm a LONG term fan of Erykah but I have to say that this was her WORST effort to date. Telephone is the only song i liked on the album. And if it wasn't for a suggestion from her A&R Honey would have not been on this album.
    I say go back and cut a new album, and take a step back cause that album to me is no good.

  • This new album doesn't really lend itself to singles. I think it's dope, tho. All too often we get albums that are packed with "singles" but the overall work has no unifying theme. Erykah took it upon herself to do something different and create an album that wasn't driven by trying to appeal to the commercial masses. For that I salute her. She's talented enough and respected enough to embrace concepts if not typical songwriting structure.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with nOcaMatic.

  • Wait ... can we call you nOca from now on? 🙂

  • But who cares about creating an album not for the masses. In todays times when record labels are not doing well at all as an artist you have to walk a fine line and create a product that shows that you can move unites. Same reasons why we see many artist getting dropped from their record labels. IN times days when billions are being made and lost to internet downloads and 99 cent singles, and ringtones, artist have to show numbers, and sells.
    This album came and quickly fell off. I don't even think her PR and A&R people are even still trying to work this album anymore.
    As sad as it is if you want to release an album you have to make something that sells. Otherwise just go on tour, drop your record label, and sell music from your own site.

  • nOvaMatic

    This is probably where we differ on the matter, GG. I'm willing to submit that while any artist wants to move units and make money from their albums, this is only a small part of what makes Erykah an artist. Erykah MAKES A MINT from her shows (trust I already have my Badu/Roots ticket) because she's got the chops and the artistry to carry a show. So I can't reduce her worth or impact to one album. She's bigger than her product.

  • Jennifer

    She's touring and the album will be fine, even if it just goes gold. It moved up like 10 spots on the Billboard charts last week. The tour ends in June, then she has Part 2 to push. She'll be OK. She's still relevant.

  • SoulStar

    What nOva said.^^


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