Erykah Badu Rocked WMC

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  1. "New Amerykah" is really growing on me. The only songs I skip are "Me" and "Twinkle". It took me a minute.
    Love these clips!

  2. Twinkle and Me. Those are the best songs on there. I can see if you said Cell and Amerykahn Promise.

  3. Yeah, I was there. The homie Ty filmed that footage. I also had the special privilege of hooking up the turntables and Serato for Karriem Riggins.
    She sure took her sweet time coming out though. Then when she was done she waded out into the swimming pool - clothing, wig and all.

  4. I really, really dig that she took a chance and went left on this album.
    At first I was skeptical about this album but I am definately feeling it now

  5. Mr. Lowe I agree.

  6. recently iv been loving my people...the simplicity is sheer genius

  7. Of course she took her sweet time coming out. She hangs out with Bilal.
    May can't come quick enough for me!

  8. Ya know, I'm actually sitting here giggling 'cause ain't she sayin' "What if there were no niggas, only Master Teachers? I'd stay woke!"
    The audience wasn't nothin' but folks of the _____ persuasion! I know they heard what she was sayin' and were completely uncomfortable but kept singing along anyway.
    I know they didn't "get" it though.
    Thanks for tryin' Erykah. 🙂

  9. Oh, I love "The Cell" and "Amerykahn Promise"!


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