For Janelle, a ‘Partnership’. For Diddy, a ‘Signing’.

Perhaps the most interesting if not glaring thing about the Janelle Monae on Bad Boy "nontroversy" is her approach to the topic as opposed to Diddy's. As seen previously, Janelle often immediately refers to her Wonderland Arts Society when asked about the deal, citing things like art and creativity. Diddy, a consumate businessperson, is more likely to launch into comparing this moment to his initial signing of The Notorious B.I.G. or his executive role in the early stages of Mary J. Blige's career, or waxing poetic about how groundbreaking this deal is for his career and the longevity of this imprint.

He even retroactively insinuates himself into the mythos of Cindi Mayweather in this interview with MTV: "I been to Metropolis and my name is LeRoy. And I'm into white women and, you know, I drive a Cadillac and I drink moonshine. And I don't smile in pictures." Innovative! It's almost too easy to tell where LeRoy ends and Diddy begins! Check out DJ Enuff's interview with the two of them below. Thanks, Shake!

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  1. I fear for Janelle Monae.


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