Get In Wyclef’s ‘Fast Car’

Just last night I saw the new video for Wyclef Jean's next release, "Fast Car," on VH1 Soul and thought to myself that it would make a cool video game. Turns out that the video is actually based on an existing game, Burnout Paradise, that they incorporated footage of Wyclef into.

And in the event that you're not feeling the Clef and Paul Simon original, a remix with Lupe Fiasco has surfaced that is a little heavier on the hip-hop and mixes in some classic samples.

Wyclef Jean feat. Lupe Fiasco: "Fast Car" Remix

[H/T: WH and NR]

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2 Responses

  1. Burnout Paradise is a great game... matter of fact, you can read my review of the game at my gaming blog:
    I know... shameless...

  2. what are the different samples they used for the beat? i know the first one is from killing me softly but what about the others?


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