Jazmine Sullivan Needs You Bad

jazmine_sullivan_yellow.jpgIf you don't know who Jazmine Sullivan is, then it's not too late to learn. The 20-year-old former child prodigy, Showtime at the Apollo and Black Lily phenom, and songwriter behind Fantasia's "Free Yourself" and Christina Milian's "Say I" is about to blow the roof off the sucker with her long-overdue debut album coming soon on J Records. She is bringing more fiyah with the reggae-influenced first single "I Need You Bad," which showcases her powerful, pleading vocals. She sounds like Lauryn Hill and Aretha Franklin's love child here. Missy puts her stamp on the song, but her presence isn't too intrusive. I don't know if Jazmine is West Indian or not, but I got to give her props for coming correct with this dash of island spice, even down to the on-point accent during the spoken parts. This is the perfect song the warmer months ahead; expect to hear this one at a cookout near you this summer. Pull up!

Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliott: "I Need You Bad"
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[Photo: Laura Kicey]

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19 Responses

  1. This is hot. I hear Lauryn all up in there. Jaz definitely has a Wyclef/Rohan in her life.
    I 'd throw Tanya Stephens up in the mix too with the spoken parts. Makes me long for Mo Bay monnnn!
    Barely noticed Missy.
    Is said cookout at your house? I'm sayin.

  2. So laid back!

  3. Been bumping this all weekend, it is hot. So hard to believe she is 20 writing songs like this, Silent tears, Free Yourself, and Say I. Hopefully, J records will not screw her over. J records gets that Terminator 2 sideeye from me.

  4. Diggin' the Carib vibe and her voice. I'll def purchase her music, Nice.

  5. I'd thought about hitting you guys to see if you would ever say anything About Ms. Sullivan. I absolutely love that childs voice. She not only reminds me of Lauryn, but she has some Nina Simone and some of that Kim Burrell (gospel singer) all up and through her vocal cords.
    Have you heard her sing "'Round Midnight" and "In Love With Another Man?" She has to be one of the best out there. I'm actually kind of scared of her working with missy since she doesnt utilize her voice as much on those songs as she does on most of her soulful songs, but im sure she's come with something hot, no matter.

  6. My girlfriend put me on to Jazmine like two years ago. She has been in my ipod for a minute now. She got me with "In love with another man" and I have been a fan ever since! Finally there is going to be an artist out there worth listening to! She is a true talent! Hey Jaz, if you are in need of some background singers, look a sister up!( I believe I already know all your stuff, underground, exclusive, mixtapes I got you!)

  7. Wow...
    Hey, yall know Jazmine is my step cousin. lol

  8. Well I remember Jazmine hit dc like when she was only 14. She blew me away. Could she be rocking on Can A Sista Rock Mic Festival in DC? Maybe, you got to wait and see...

  9. I love every song u sing and the way u sing

  10. This track started off great with a good Lauryn Hill vibe and reggae groove but then, midway, it just got boring. Wa'happen?


  12. Jazmine is an incredible talent, and I do indeed dig the reggae vibe on this tune. But what's up with the weak chorus? Why not keep the fiyah vibe all the way through the song? Not understanding why it slips into that 50s Motown doowoppish sound at all.

  13. This is a bad song do you hear me? I really like it!!! Where has she been Lauryn Hill watch out

  14. Im really feeling this song, i heard it on the locals and paid attention b/c the dj was hollering about how much he loved it, I Can see why. It is Fiyah

  15. When I heard "I Need You Bad" I was all over it!!! This young lady brings it no doubt!!!! I even got online to search for more only to discover she hasn't been out long at all.. I am sooooo waiting to buy the album...I KNOW I will enjoy ALL of it!!! Jazmine keep 'em got a fan in me!!! God Bless you forever!!!!

  16. WOW! Is what I said when I heard "I need you bad" Thats simply what I said I need this album bad. She has flavor for your ear. This young lady is truly blessed by God. Her voice is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill but with the power in her voice in this song mama told Lauryn to keep hiding where she been hiding and pretty much told every other female vocalist out right now to SHUT UPPPPP!!!.
    Jazmine you are that Fire! that I have been waiting for. Thank you for setting a new standard.

  17. The track is definitely on fire but she has track called silent tears and the vocals are incredible

  18. This is my cousin she is so awesome . I love this sonmg . Her vocals rocks !

  19. Soulful for sure. Waiting to hear more!