Morning Soul: Freedom For My Mind

5 Responses

  1. Nice new skin guys! Freedom was the joint. The talent on that song was deep. It is kind of sad to think that they could not remake this song today because the music industry only has about 7 singers left.

  2. The choice of this song today was really appropriate given the grave injustice carried out in NY today.

  3. That Pharcyde piece was a great read.
    Dilla used to tell stories about those cats actually getting into fistfights during the making of Labcabincalifornia.
    Fatlip's troubles are well documented.
    And while it was nice that Booty Brown and Imani kept the name going, the music wasn't so solid. Tre's solo stuff was decent.
    I wonder who they'll be getting tracks from when they finally get to work. I'm pulling for these cats hard.

  4. Yes, indeed J. Very appropriate.
    I'm feeling Calvin's new music and very much looking forward to his DC area performance.

  5. Freedom is still my song!