Al Green & John Legend Beg For You To ‘Stay With Me’


You know how slow jams are often described as "silky and smooth," especially when they are being introduced on a late night Quiet Storm-type program. The problem is that I can't think of one song released in the past decade for with "silky" or "smooth" would be fitting. Which is why "Stay With Me (By The Sea)" from Al Green's forthcoming Lay It Down featuring John Legend, is just so refreshing. Not only have Questlove and James Poyser captured the quintessential Al Green sound without making it sound too updated or too staid (unlike his 2003 release I Can't Stop), but Al Green sounds as though he is still rocking gold lame jumpsuits and numerous gold chains. I really could go on and on about this song, but decide for yourself. It is simply that beautiful (pun intended). 

Al Green feat. John Legend: "Stay With Me (By The Sea)"

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13 Responses

  1. I've said it before.. Al Green in his prime was the BEST to ever do it, with Luther a very, very, very close second.

  2. Dude did not say sleepy. Bwahaha!
    I can't say I'm sleepy but I do feel like firing up something and lying back in a recliner somewhere for a long while. I like. JL's voice is made for these kinds of songs.

  3. OMG!!!! This song wakes me up every night at 330 n the am on the Quiet Storm n Detroit..........I just dance around my room...thanx 4 makn more great music Mr. Green...and adding my fav J Legend wasn't a bad touch either

  4. I heard this song for the first time on the radio a few evenings ago and instantly fell in love. This is a classic!

  5. Al Green's first sentence to this song is CLASSIC and my favorite on the song! The two dudes who produced this should be proud of themselves! They did the darn thing!
    This is great music. I've been listening to it over and over and over and over. I love classic Al Green, but I see he is making a strong comeback with this one. Its great to see John Legend be able to hang with Al Green. I love me some John Legend, but still it's hard to stack up against Marvin, Al, or Teddy.

  6. This is nice! this song is going to be a hit!!! love it!!!!!!!

  7. Al Green has that unique soul sound u go head old school and with that new school blend it just mix even though I'm 22 it still the best song i ever heard .

  8. I love this song. Everytime that I listen to this song the first thing that comes to mind is me and my honey getting up and getting on the dance floor sharing each other touch. I just want to say that I think that the both of these wonderful people should do more songs together. This particular song has a smooth nice little flow with it. So Thank for making this song together your BIGGEST FAN Attallah M.

  9. OHHH I heard this song and immediatly wanted to hear it again and again and agian (pun on John Legend). This is so smooth and a great way of incorporating old school with the neo soul groove of John Legend. The Dynamic Duo is what they should be called! the beat is modern but the tone is old school and makes you pause- I love it!

  10. I heard this cut today and instantly loved it. What a beautiful sound!
    Kudos to Bro. Al and Legend.


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