New Erykah Badu Tour Poster & More Tour Dates

Erykah Badu
and EMEK have not failed to represent when it comes to the collaboration
on her tour poster designs. Thus far, the tour posters for her Israel and
Nigeria tour dates have been visually dope and left us feenin' for more. The poster (clickable) for her April 19th stop in Moscow, Russia is displayed at left, and it is fiyah! We're loving the rework of the old communist posters, and with Erykah's massive afro and fists pumping towards her in unison, it just takes the theme of power to the people to a whole other level.

By now, many of you have been scouring the internet to find out if Erykah will be blessing your hometown with some of her musical love. The previous trickle of released tour dates was posted here on SoulBounce, but the complete list was still as elusive as what Erykah has up under that 'fro of hers. But never fear: the complete list of tour dates, in case you haven't gotten hip to them yet, is after the bounce. 

  • May-04-Detroit,MI
    w/The Roots-Fox Theater

  • May-05-Toronto,Canada-Massey

  • May-06-Montreal,Canada
    w/ The Roots-Jacques Cartier Park

  • May-08-Boston,MA w/ The Roots-Orpheum

  • May-09-New
    York,NY W/ The Roots-Radio City Music Hall

  • May-10-Baltimore,MD
    w/ The Roots-Pier Six Pavilion 

  • May-11-Philadelphia,PA-Tower

  • May-14-Washington,DC
    w/ The Roots-Constitution Hall

  • May-16-Norfolk,VA
    w/ The Roots-Chrysler Hall

  • May-17-Greensboro,NC
    w/ The Roots-Special Events Center

  • May-18-Richmond,VA
    w/ The Roots-Landmark Theater

  • May-20-Boca
    Raton,FL w/ The Roots-Mizner Park Amphitheater

  • May-21-San
    Juan,PR w/ John Legend-Coliseum of Puerto Rico
  • May-23-Atlanta,GA
    w/ The Roots-Fox Theater

  • May-24-Montgomery,AL-Jubilee
    City Festival

  • May-25-Aruba-Soul
    Beach Music Festival

  • May-27-Nashville,TN
    w/ The Roots-Ryman Auditorium

  • May-28-Memphis,TN-Orpheum

  • May-29-St.
    Louis,MO w/ The Roots-Fox Theater

  • May-30-Chicago,IL
    w/ The Roots-Chicago Theater

  • Jun-02-Denver,CO
    w/ The Roots-Fillmore

  • Jun-03-Salt
    Lake City,UT w/ The Roots-The Depot

  • Jun-05-Redmond,WA
    w/ The Roots-Marymoor Amphitheater

  • Jun-06-Vancouver,Canada-Commodore

  • Jun-08-Oakland,CA
    w/ The Roots-Paramount Theater

  • Jun-10-San
    Diego,CA w/ the Roots-Humphreys

  • Jun-12-Los
    Angeles,CA w/ The Roots-Greek Theater

  • Jun-13-Las
    Vegas,NV-House of Blues

  • Jun-14-Phoenix,AZ
    w/ The Roots-Mesa Amphitheater 

  • Jun-15-Alburque,NM
    w/ The Roots-Kiva Auditorium
[H/T: OKP]

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15 Responses

  1. Ok soulbounce get up off Ms. Badu nutz! I mean damn if you like her so f&^%$ much then go dedicate a site JUST to Ms. Badu, believe it or not EVERYBODY doesnt care for her as much as you guys do. I mean you act like she is the second coming of Aretha or Patti. Me personally her voice is just too damn irritating, after one or two songs I am scratching my eyes out. She's not half the singer Jill Scott is, she's not half the singer D'atra Hicks is, so on behalf of ALOT OF BLACK FOLK ALL OVER THE WORLD.....NO MORE BADU ARTICLES. Thank you, good night, God bless:)

  2. Wow, stoneyisland. Thanks for voicing your opinion in a way that is both loud (ALL CAPS!) and highly opinionated. Just like this website. If you don't like Erykah, fine. But let me be the first to tell you that you don't have to pay attention to, read, or comment on anymore Erykah posts if you don't want to. But you can certainly keep reading the plethora of non-Erykah posts if you choose.
    The choice is yours.
    And BTW, you can certainly start a website to anyone who you may choose to emulate: D'atra Hicks I believe is still up for grabs.
    Good luck!

  3. Where's Jennifer?
    *files APB*

  4. So sad I'm going to miss the GSO show.

  5. Stoney, how about you make your own blog?They don't have to CATER to YOUR NEEDS or WANTS.
    But May 24 = I'm there!

  6. That poster is fire!!

  7. LMAs @ stoneyisland! Too funny!
    Why not cover Erykah?? The mainstream doesn't? And if the site's name is SOULbounce, wouldn't it be a little bit suspect if they didn't write about her??
    And stop comparing her to Jill. No disrespect, I love Jilly too. But these ladies drive in their own musical lane.
    Poster's hot, btw. Emek is a real artist, like Erykah so stop hating:)

  8. Damn, Stoney! Did we piss in your Froot Loops today or what?
    I was all set to launch off a rude comment of my own, but that wouldn't get us anywhere. Furthermore, we aint shutting down the Erykah talk anytime soon round these parts. You may see it as swinging off her sack, but our admiration for the woman and her talent runs deep. Deal. She is quite a fascinating character and anytime we write something about her or her music (whether it's good or bad) people have a whole bunch to say. So how would we look not writing about someone who garners such passionate response from fans and foes such as yourself? No need to answer that cause it isn't gonna happen.

  9. No, Butta. Clearly, one of ya'll pissed in this kid's Coco Puffs because he/she/it must be cuckoo if they think they can come up and through here dictating what's written, when, and about whom. We stans for EBadu around these parts and that's just how it's gonna be. I say all next week, you repost all the Du Day items so this child can scratch their eyes out so they won't come through here with that mess again.
    How 'bout that?
    I tell you, the bigger you get, the more freaks come out.
    Anyhow, I am SOOOO hyped about seeing her in Bmore. Start the bday off month rigggght! That poster is the business.

  10. The first thought that came to mind when I saw that initial comment:
    "Wait 'til Aunt Viv see this sh*t.

  11. Damn ya'll must really REALLY love Ms. Badu:) Besides for her cry baby voice, I dig the fact how she's "different" (a little toooo different for my taste) but hey this is Amerykah right? land of the free:)So if Ms. Badu wants to do her thing then by all means let her, I aint a hater:) all I am saying is take all this Badu love fest shit to her myspace page:) LMAO. Holla
    Ps. Check out Tedra Moses new mixed tape....

  12. stoneyisland: we're (badu) lovers, not haters, and if you can't get with that, then just don't visit the site. it's really that easy. very simple. and lol @ the teedra moses shoutout.

  13. June 8th !!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!

  14. Ok.... Me and Stoney gonna team up. The next mission is to make this site all about the life and times of B2K and their contribution to SOUL music.
    Yep, I know ya'll can't deny that.
    **Please don't throw rocks at me!**

  15. Avatar

    I live in Puerto Rico and cannot find tickets for this Erykah Badu event. The people at the coliseum don't know anything about this, it's not even in their event list. There are only two major ticketing company's down here and neither have any information regarding this event. What's up?


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