NYOIL: Nas is One of the Most Overrated MCs Ever

Whew. Are people allowed to say this? We've all expressed our views on Nas's whole "Nigger movement" and have raised questions such as: Is Nas is the ideal MC to stir this particular pot? Does he possess the courage of his convictions and can he intelligently articulate them off-wax? But NYOIL takes things a step further, daring to say Nas is overrated and also posing the notion that maybe we've given Nas too much of a pass because of Illmatic.

I'm sure someone will label this as hating, but at the end of the day, Hip Hop needs these kind of internal check and balances. Not everyone in the culture is cool with what Nas is doing just because he's Nas. [H/T: Nah Right]

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  1. I think he does get a "pass" because he's an intelligent man and he is talented. What he's doing now is flat out stupid and he should know better. I don't see his shenanigans as trying to being about dialog at all. It's attn. grabbing nonsense. Cut it out Nasir.

  2. The song is terrible. It's just wack. Not a fan of NY Oil.. But he's right. Nas isn't a genius either... Nas is overated...
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  3. while this is not my favorite nas song, it serves it purpose. aren't people talking?! i have a huge problem with people that just heard about the album and song title without actually hearing the song and then rushed to what they think is a politically correct response. and if people are going claim that they listen to it and still don't get his point, then i'm guessing they listened to it once in between the regular bull ish on heavy rotation on the radio and BET.
    i have always loved nas. i didn't always like what he put out but i understood. nas is a man. while he may strive for and talk about godly and righteous things, he is still a man and will sometimes be base. that is not hypocritical. that's real. the whole debate about the n word is another example of how sometimes well-informed people still choose to use an ignorant term. that is hypocritical but people still do it. but go 'head and blame nas because he chose to remind everyone how hypocritical we are. seeing the n-word in bold print and hearing it being said so clearly and so many times makes people feel some kind of way - the way they should've been feeling whenever they used it or heard it but chose it ignore it.

  4. The song isn't good. He doesn't even stick to the topic throughout. The manner in which he discusses it is not on point. It's not good. It's not creative. it's not hardly a piece of art that can be even examined and put on a pedestal as something that is. He's got a tremendous plaform and has built up this whole thing about this monumental album. And he release this wack song over a wack beat. please....
    At first I thought maybe this was a fake. Al leak. That he was trying to be super ill. But I realized quickly I'd given him too much credit.
    If you don't wanna face scrutiny don't put yourself out there as the man that's going to address age old issues with his music then not be prepared to face the cameras... That's not humble... That's not smart. That's not oh stop beatin up on Nas. He's just a man. Surely he is. I am too. But I'm not making certain statements and proclamations that I can't live up to either.
    In 2008 I wish people would work on trying to make good music.
    Great people are talking. People have been talking. People talk about everything and anything that comes out. If the song was actually a good one and compelling person even more people would be talking. So I'm talking about it being a bad song. It's poorly executed. That does matter. Does it not?
    PS this surely is not the first song about the topic. Be nice if people would rally behind other artists when they make statements about the state of the world race and what have that are actually good songs.

  5. Have any of you listened to the song?!?! I love it, it isn't the greatest song but I love the point. We all thought it was hilarious when Paul Mooney says, "Everybody want to be a nigga, but don't nobody want to be a nigga!" IS Paul Mooney getting a pass? I wish we would take the extra second to think and then have real dialogues about issues that pertain to our community. Has Nas made the point perfectly, NO, but as an artist why doesn't he have the right to raise the issue. with most hip hop degenerating into bubble gum commerce, I'm glad somebody is trying to make people think. NYOIL's song "What' up Wigga" is saying the exact same thing, that Nas's "Nigger" is, so his criticisms are are a little misplaced. Nas could be more eloquent with his explanation, but then again so could NYOIL. Nas has always been more eloquent on record than in interviews.
    Keep doing what you do Nas. NYOIL keep doing what you do.

  6. While I am no longer a fan of Nas, and havent been since "it was written", but at the same time, NYOIL comes across as too self-righteous.