R. Kelly Encourages Bulimia With ‘Customer’ Remix

R. Kelly has taken it upon himself to piss all over Raheem DeVaughn's latest single "Customer" with a tired remix. In the span of four minutes he's managed to defile DeVaughn's metaphoric masterpiece and reduce it to a skanky side dish. Anyone else singing about being the catch of the day or putting their roast in his woman's oven may have been a sexy idea, but coming from Kells lips it's vomit wrenching. I really need for R. Kelly to go away for a good five to ten years and to take this waste of megabytes with him.
Real talk.

R. Kelly: "Customer" Remix


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  1. It should be against the law for R Kelly to keep remixing other singers songs. I've heard at least 3 within the past hour on one of our local radio stations.

  2. Guess who's going to see Raheem, Chrisette and Dwele for his birthday? I'll give you a hint:

  3. This seriously disturbing the sexy.
    And I'm scared of what his "lemonade" contains...
    Real talk.

  4. I did not bother to listen, but what really is disturbing is that this will probably be how the masses are introduced to DeVaughn.

  5. I heard this bullshit on the radio this morning. Just ruined the rest of my day. Can artists put out some kind of gag order on Kells appearing on sanctioned remixes? I mean that both literally and figuratively.

  6. R. Kelly is a animal and should be locked away. 44 year REAL men dont dye their hair blond and still wear braids. I hate this fool with a passion.

  7. Okay, ewwww, and YUCK! I'm sorry, but what woman would wanna drink anything from HIM! NASTY!

  8. Seriously, I think R. Kelly is having a Mid-Life Crisis.

  9. TIP, I think he's having a "If-I-ever-have-to-actually-show-up-in-court-and-have-to actually-pay-legal-fees-I-better-stack-some-chips-now-by-any-means-necessary" crisis. lol

  10. It's interesting to note that Raheem languished for a couple years on Jive with no marketing, promotion or release date in sight for his first album while the label pumped their resources (pause) into R. Kelly.

  11. Back in the day, it used to be a privilege to have R on your, not so much...

  12. I don't have time for this tomfoolery. Where's the "Ho, Sit Down" when you need it?
    *looking at Karsh* Well, well, well. The dead has arisen....

  13. phuckery!!!

  14. First off, the new layout is HOT!! I love it.
    Secondly, lmao @ "Real talk. Good way to end the post. I really am upset with Robert, so I don't even want to really listen to this because I know I will instantly get upset. He's just not the same anymore. He needs to take a few years off..Geez.

  15. He can go away forever.

  16. LOL, this was such a waste of everyone's time involved. You need to ask him to get reimbursed for even writing this blog. he needs to cancel those thought processes that led him to make this remix. I heard someone say that he needs to disappear for like 5-10 years then come back. btw where the kuff is D'angelo!?!

  17. I freakin love this song,because every night my serve me up eneyday and night.And i love it

  18. all ya'll hatin on kelly like that every thing he remixes sounds great and this wuz a great song ........ stop hatin

  19. You guys can hate all you want, and Kellz is definitely an individual who needs help.
    But everyone on here knows that R. Kelly has a voice better than anyone else and it's not even close. He can sing any genre from opera to R&B to reggae, and on top of that, he writes music for nearly everyone in the music industry across the board. He truly is a musical genius, and that fact can not even be disputed.


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