The Roots Keep ‘Rising Up’ In New Video

As we reported here last week, the new video for The Roots' song "Rising Up" featuring Wale and Chrisette Michele is finally done, and it is thankfully something that we can swallow and digest without fear of what might happen to our psyches as a result. The song is hot, the video is hot, and we're happy to see The Roots have brought authenticity back to hip hop as only they know how. The new album drops April 29, and by the looks of this video, there will be so much more in store. After that foolishness about it being some girl's birthday, we'll be hyped to hear the finished album. Enjoy this taste for now.  

[H/T: OKP]

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5 Responses

  1. I have been playing this single to death every since it leaked online. This is like the best hip hop song so far this year! Black Thought and Wale are killin' it!

  2. I did the happy feet.
    Then I busted a 1990 into an air flare... FREEZE!!
    Then I headbutted my monitor, kicked the computer onto the floor and screamed to all my officemates "THE ROOTS FOOLS!!!! WHUT??!!?"*
    *...all in my mind.

  3. This is my new fave song. I love the video, love the go go beat! can't wait for the album to drop next week....

  4. Awww sookie sookie now! This song with those tight ass drums and percussion made a tired old negro wanna get up outta his seat and buss a coupla moves on this cold gray morning!!
    Love it and the video!

  5. Cut it out Stylus. But I know how you feel. LOL!
    The video and song are RIDICULOUS. The beat is bananassss! CM's voice is perfect. I heart everything about this.
    Long live hip-hop!