Trizonna McClendon: ‘Sunshine and Lemonade (Make Me Feel Mix)’


When we first heard Trizonna McClendon's "Sunshine and Lemonade" we knew it was itching for a House version. The "Make Me Feel" mix is produced by Darren "DJ QUAD" Brandon & Joe "MO-JOE" Glover of InBlueBlackness, who've also remixed Natalie Cole and Brandy. Color us late for missing this one, but hearing it now makes us a bit more optimistic that Summer is just around the corner.

Trizonna McClendon: "Sunshine and Lemonade (Make Me Feel Mix)"

Trizonna McClendon: [Official] [Myspace]

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  1. This is HOT! It makes me smile - I indeed remember sitting on my back porch sipping lemonade.
    I've heard of Trizonna before but never listened to the music. I love her sound. Gonna go check out more on Myspace. She might need to go on the underrated list.

  2. Yeah you kind of late was dropping this last summer.Still to bad she dont get a lot of airplay.

  3. Actually DJ Chefron the remix is pretty new, its only a few months old but the original version of Sunshine and Lemonade was released a year ago. We're just starting to get the love that we should have been getting on the original but its cool because good music will catch on eventually and we accept our position as an independent so it takes a little longer to get love but the quality will prove its worth. We're glad you're up on it though thats love. Keep it spinning!

  4. Thanks for the love Novomatic!! I'm smilin' from ear to ear that you're feeling the remix. Check out to preview the entire album 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Love it!!
    Pure essence of Talent's and the Soul of Melody mix into one Hott A$$ tune.
    The independence of the Art's at work, aint nothing like it!!
    Dj Pat
    *Physical Heat Music*


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