When Jermaine Remixed Chante

chante-138819.jpgIs this thing on? Is Polow Da Don so much like Jermaine Dupri that it's completely believable Chante Moore would allow him to paste a lost 2Pac verse on her new album? Maybe. But maybe not! While Polow and JD both cater to the gutterbutt, chickenhead contingent, JD's resumé is not to be questioned. After all, this is the man that brought us Xscape. Nearly everything he does with Mariah and Usher is amazing. And, hello, he does have a bit to do with the careers of Trina Broussard and Anthony Hamilton, regardless of how things turned out. So, I'm willing to submit that as Hip Hop and mainstream as JD is, he'll never be and never was as reprehensible as Polow Da Don.

With that said, here's the first piece of crap JD produced for Chante.

Chante Moore ft. JD & R.O.C: "Chante's Got a Man" (SoSo Def Remix)

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  1. I actually liked 'Straight Up,' but not this one. JD's productions are always simple, even with TLC, MC and Usher. Can you believe he produced Janet's 'Rock wit U'?! Never was a big fan of Usher, his style is ripped from MJ and Bobby Brown. But he is doing his thing now. Ohh, and Polow produced Usher's new single also. Not a a big fan of that song, but it's a step up from the usual Usher.

  2. Check this link out. It better explains Polow:

  3. 1) This remix blows.
    2) Oops oh my at Polow getting called out for this toy beat.

  4. @ Butta:
    Yes, I saw that video of Polow getting called out. SMH @ these wack-ass beatmakers. ANYBODY could've made that beat for Usher. I should post that video tomorrow for GP.

  5. i love this beat from the 80's i forget the artist who first did this but i got a man was 1 of my favorite song from the 80's it's just a fun song but chante's version is alright


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