‘You’re the Only One’ For Eric Benét


Say what you want about Eric Benét, but this brotha is one of the most consistent singers in the game. The man can sing rings around the sons and daughters of Pro Tools proliferating urban radio right now, and he doesn't keep us waiting for ridiculously long periods of times between albums that are guaranteed to deliver. His next CD, Love & Life, drops this September, and the first single has been released much to his fans delight. "You're the Only One" finds Eric singing a mid-tempo love song, which is always a great look for him. I already know that this one will be getting many spins at Casa de Butta.  

Eric Benét: "You're the Only One"

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  1. Despite all the bad press this brotha has gotten over the years, he was a great artist before and after his marriage to Miss Halle. Glad to see he's still consistently putting out good material.

  2. This album betta not be another ode to Halle. Talmbout righting every wrong and you'd be here right now. Other women don't compare. Granted he could be talking about 1000 other chicks but I don't know.
    This single, as good as it may be - and it is that good, got my side eye twitching.

  3. Eric is a wonderful performer and one of the best singers in the game. I can't wait for his new cd to drop.

  4. I think people sleep on Eric because him and Halle didn't work out, I mean she's no better she's human so I won't go into that because I think she ok.I love his music.I play Pretty Baby almost all the time.Don't sleep on this brother!And this song is actually diggable.

  5. He did get taken thru it with her, but there are two sides to every story. I personally believe Halle and all her fineness is crazy.

  6. I wish people would move on. BOTH Eric and Halle have. The new single, "You're the Only One" was written YEARS ago. I heard it before it was released. He added some things to it, like strings.
    "Love and Life" is NOT an ode to Halle. Some of the songs are about his daughter India. Quiet as it's kept, I have heard almost half the c.d. already and I'm still excited about it's release on Sept. 9, 2008.
    Eric is a consumate artist and a gifted performer. He is a wonderful, gracious human being. I'd like to see another celebrity bear the negative press he had to endure with as much class as he has. Halle was still maligning him two relationships after theirnew divorce. I like her, but that just made her look bitter. Hopefully, her baby girl will help her find the happiness she seeks.
    Yes, he made a mistake, but he's forgiven. On Judgement Day, God's not going to ask you about Eric's sins he'll ask you about yours. Let it go, people!
    If you're ready to accept Eric for the artist and man he is in 2008, I invite you to visit:, or, or

  7. Very well stated, D. Thanks for your input and for the links to the True EB. I made it a point not to mention that chick with the fruity last name as it pertains to Eric. He is doing his thing and doing it well as a real artist should. Kudos to him through it all.

  8. I am lovin this song!!! I heard it for the first time on 5/2/08, however I could not stay in my car to find out the name of the artist. I said to myself, this sounds like Eric Benet and I found out this morning I was right because they played it again....A True Ballad 🙂 I anticipate the CD to do real well as we need good music to return!!!

  9. People need to stop asking this man about Halle Berry & a situation that happened a long time ago. He himself is even now saying that things weren't as he was asked to say they were. I want people to acknowledge that Eric was an EXCELLENT soul artist PRE Halle, during Halle, and now POST Halle.

  10. Eric has always delivered quality music...This one is no different..."You're The Only One" is a masterpiece!

  11. Say what you want about Eric Benet, but one thing is for sure. Singing is like breathing for this man and it shows in his music. "You're The Only One" is a gem and if it's an indication of what his upcoming CD is like, I'll be there to buy it on the first day when it drops in September. Keep singing from your heart Eric and thanks for giving us good music!

  12. I love this song!

  13. Eric Benet single "You're the Only One"
    Upcoming album in September*

  14. Eric is a true musician in every sense of the word. As evidenced by his last album "Hurricane", he dares to try different genres of music and refuses to succumb to the fast food music flooding radio today. His musicality and lyrics are souful and heartfelt. I am a true fan of his music no matter what goes on in his personal life. In fact, because he integrates his personal life with his music fans can identify with him and continue to support him. His music is timeless and I am looking forward to his next Album. Wish there were more artist like him... bold, talented & fine!

  15. This song by Eric Benet is beautiful, as most of his songs are. He is such a talented man. I wish that he was recognized as such!

  16. Eric Benet is back! This soulful ballad puts him back on the map. His talents have been overlooked for far too long. I can't wait to hear the rest of the CD.

  17. I love Eric Benet. The new song, "Your the Only One " was a surprise to me when I heard it on WHUR in DC. I asked a co-worker, is this Eric Benet? I didn't realize he was back so soon. I rushed to get Hurricane when it was released! I am so happy and I am looking forward to him performing in the Washington DC area again with his new material.

  18. I love Eric Benet. The new song, "Your the Only One " was a surprise to me when I heard it on WHUR in DC. I asked a co-worker, is this Eric Benet? I didn't realize he was back so soon. I rushed to get Hurricane when it was released! I am so happy and I am looking forward to him performing in the Washington DC area again with his new material.

  19. What a beautiful song!

  20. this is the song. I love this song the lyrics just take me away the perfect make up song if he meant it though lol

  21. Eric you can give Halle back her money. You have nice song , not great it should make you a couple of 're still a bum. By way stop putting your picture on every cover.

  22. "You're the only one" this a beautiful song. I really enjoy listen to this it has a smooth sound. Eric keep up the good work and you hit this one right on head. Thank you!!

  23. I am so in love with this song.

  24. leave eric alone, halle is al that anyway look at her other marriage she makes is seem like it was all of their fault and not hers.

  25. This song you're the only one is the BOMB!!! I love Eric Benet. He can blow and the world is sleeping on this talented, soulful, singing brotha. I loved the last album hurricane. Keep bringing the hits Eric!!!

  26. Is "You're The Only One" a remake or have I just heard this song before? I really like this song. But it sounds familiar to me, I don't know if it samples something else, or sounds similar to another song beat. It's been racking my brain. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. Regardless, he's a great talent.

  27. The song is great I love it.