#57: The Isley Brothers ‘Footsteps in the Dark’

Isleysguns.jpgThere's a reason this song was straight jacked by Ice Cube with no variation. Although "Footsteps In The Dark" was a groove meant initially for Quiet Storm sets, there's something about the mood it creates that causes heads to nod involuntarily. The pre-"Mr. Biggs" Ron Isley would settle instead for posing slightly metaphorical questions in the face of his lover's possible indiscretions rather than committing an act of violence. Still a player in those days, his gentle falsetto would attempt to goad her into answering: Is this meant to be? Is there anything left for us? What else is out there for you?

Why are you doing this?

This is a signature track from the brothers Isley, featured on nearly every one of their Best-Of compilations. The track pre-dates me by about three years, and it's hard to believe it didn't chart as well as it should've when Go For Your Guns was released. The vocal delivery is pleading and beautiful, the music itself laid-back and slightly funky, as most of the Isley's offerings were. But it's the words--mature, slightly haunting and direct--that beg another question:

Why does a song about cheating nowadays have to be so crass?

The Isley Brothers: "Footsteps in the Dark"

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3 Responses

  1. Awww yea. This song just feels good. You're right. You can't help but automatically get your slow head nod on.
    Something about "Today Was A Good Day" reminds me of summer. That almost ended up on my list.
    Yea they don't make them like "As We Lay" and "Me and Mrs. Jones" anymore huh?

  2. WOW...I don't think any song with this instrumentation could be a truly bad song, there is just something about the music itself that gets me swept-up in it...
    This is the original of four songs with this beat (that I know of) and I've never heard it before now, so thank you SB for putting this on 'the list' and definitely schooling me!