#61: L.T.D. ‘Love Ballad’

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in the late '60s the group L.T.D., short for Love, Togetherness and Devotion, didn't hit their stride until the mid-'70s. The year was 1976 and the group was three albums deep into their career when a simply-titled slow jam from Love to the World solidified their position as serious players in the soul music game. "Love Ballad" marked the group's first appearance on the charts, hitting #20 on the pop rankings and topping the R&B tally for two weeks that fall. This ode to true love featured lead singer Jeffrey Osborne wrapping his rich baritone around the Skip Scarborough penned tune. To this day, the song doesn't sound dated, and it's still a rousing part of Jeffrey's live concert repertoire. I don't know about anyone else, but this track makes me want to throw a lighter up in the air and sway to the music.

L.T.D.: "Love Ballad"

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6 Responses

  1. This is such a great record. I also love the De La Soul track that sampled it (Much More).

  2. This has to go down as one of the gayest album covers of all dis but can you imagine this coming out today?

  3. "Love Ballad" is is my absolute favorite slow jam. Always mad that it's so short, though. Oh well. I still have "Togetherness" on 8 track. No, seriously.

  4. I must have missed this one when I was younger, only familair with the George Benson version, but this is pure soul!

  5. This is my all time favorite love song!! Although I'm only 25, I still know good music and this is it!!
    When K.C and JoJo recorded it over, I feel they didn't do it justice!!

  6. If Jeffrey didn't sing on this song I don't know who did!!!


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