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Now that summer has unofficially arrived, my self-imposed "Harlem hibernation" has ended. Which means that I'll be out and about, scouring the tri-state area for the most SoulBounce-worthy talent the city has to offer. This past Friday, I was invited to check out Eusonia recording artist Maiysha--an artist Newsweek has described as a soulful songstress who's vibe "is just as comfortable on the dance floor as it is at a backyard barbecue"--as she performed selected songs from her upcoming release, This Much is True. Backed by a live band, the Brooklyn resident and Ford Plus model let loose with soaring vocals that literally rocked the packed studio with a mix of rock, soul, jazz and funk. Growing up in Chicago and Minneapolis helped Maiysha, who describes her family as a version of television's Huxtables, mine material for the 12 original compositions on True. Eusonia founder and album co-writer/producer Scott Jacoby describes the sound he helped craft as "progressive soul." I call it worth a listen. The CD drops in August. For now, check the track below as Maiysha takes you into "Orbit" and tell us what you think.  

Maiysha: "Orbit"

Maiysha [MySpace]

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15 Responses

  1. I thought it was pretty good! Not bad at all.

  2. whoa. didn't see that coming.
    I kept waiting for a Stanley Clarke bass solo or something.
    looks like I have a new fantasy baby mama to add to the current lineup.

  3. great vocals, horrible beat.

  4. Trying to remember where I've heard this song before....Was it on a commercial or playing in the background of some show?
    Not coming to me.
    Anyway, it's cool. I can get with the beat. I'd like to see what else she got.

  5. Nice vocals and the beat was sweet.

  6. Am I the only one who feels this entire track, vocals and beats, sounds off???
    And, yes, I'm being nice 🙂

  7. Wow! Amazing!

  8. Fantastic!

  9. Her voice is funky, sexy, cool, and smooth. I couldn't help but get the feeling of wanting to move to this contagious beat. She reminds me of some the the greats. With this type of sound, she'll having staying power!

  10. Great! Trust me, Maiiysha has got it! With her smooth and soulful sound, I can't want for her album.
    BWaheed in Chicago

  11. I say "wow" and I'd like to purchase th cd in August. It was fresh and my ears welcomed the sound. Congrats!

  12. Love it.....definitely buying the CD. When I clicked on her myspace link, "OVER MY HEAD", I'm in love with, check it out!

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