Bounce-Worthy: Tawiah

Photo Credit: Jan T. Sott

Imagine my surprise after hearing "Watch Out" by British songstress Tawiah on numerous mixes last year only to hear an '80s Cameo-sounding banger ("Another One") on another mixtape recently. Still giddy from stumbling upon this hidden gem, there were more surprises in store when I also discovered Tawiah's EP In Jodi's Bedroom floating amongst the flotsam within the interwebs. Twenty-one-year-old Tawiah, who hails from South London, has a velvety voice that bends and twists on the songs that all range from the rock/'80s funk/soul hybrid which she has coined "twisted soul." Do yourself a favor and catch up on some hot nu soul by supporting this mohawked-dreadlocked soul sista and cop her album.

Tawiah [MySpace][Amazon][iTunes]

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3 Responses

  1. Yup, Tawiah's got the hot potato right now.
    I've been an anglophile on the soul tip for a good many years, going back to Loose Ends days.
    But particularly over the past 8 years or so, brothas and sistas across the pond have provided me with the most excitement about the health and viability of black music:
    Shaun Escoffery
    New Sector Movements
    Robert Mitchell
    ...among many
    When I'm there it seems like it's progressive music heaven, what with Co-Op, Radio 1, Jazz Re:freshed and all the rest of the madness always jumping off.
    But when I talk to folks, they're pressed to get to America because they feel that the industry crowds them out on their home turf. And they frequently cite strong undercurrents of racism. Daz-I-Kue married himself an American sista and moved to ATL. Dego from 4Hero is on his way to Brooklyn.

  2. LOVE. HER. Definitely bounce-worthy and one to watch. She's on my list.
    I hear "Single Life" all up and through "Another One." I can dig it.

  3. I totally co-sign what Stylus is saying about Radio 1. I used to listen to them religiously to get that new from the UK and they'd even play US artists who don't get any play over here.
    Moving right along, Tawiah is the business. I'm loving her.