Bounce-Worthy: Zaki Ibrahim

Singer/songwriter Zaki Ibrahim's music is as diverse as she is. The South Africa born and Toronto, Canada bred artist has love for hip-hop, soul, rock, house, jazz and spoken word and this gumbo of sounds is effortlessly displayed on her newly released disc, Eclectica (Episodes in Purple). She's been grinding on the T Dot music scene for a few years now, but I recently got wind of her when I heard the King Britt remix to her song "Money," one of the seven tracks on Eclectica, her second EP that Okayplayer hails as possessing "clever lyrics wrapped around fresh beats." How's that for props? Until her full-length album drops, by all means get to know Zaki and bless your collection with her genre-defying work.

Zaki Ibrahim: "Money" King Britt Remix

Zaki Ibrahim: "Computer Girl"

Zaki Ibrahim [Official][MySpace]

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2 Responses

  1. My side-eye started twitching when Money started up because I wondered if were about to be introduced to Prince Akeem's queeeennnn to beeee. But I should have known you wouldn't steer us wrong. Thanks for giving me yet another Myspace friend 🙂

  2. Back when I first found Zaki on MySpace, I was rocking her song "Call Ya Bluff" incessantly!! Not sure that I like either of these tracks as much (like her edgy hip-hop self better than the world-music influenced vibe), but I think sis has lots of potential. Looking forward to hearing more.


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